Misc. vol. 2

So it turns out that the Geyer Inn, my recommended target for the “really tiny bars” story, winds up small but unruly. As in: the most racist joint I’ve hit in some time. The three bums seated along the bar – one old cat and two young ruffians – were some of the vilest characters I’ve had the misfortune to overhear in some time. And, yes, since it was a small bar there was only too much chance to take in the eavesdropping. So, the Geyer Inn is off the list. If anyone knows an itty-bitty STL County bar, do drop a line…

Spinning records at the Pageant last night was a total treat, on a number of levels. For starters, you’re, you know, standing onstage at the Pageant. Doesn’t matter if not a soul in the place is paying you a bit of attention, you’re still there. Onstage. At the Pageant. And the sound! Between the monitor right next to you and the overhead main pointing directly down towards your head, the volume comes at you with real force. The bass, you feel. The most memorable moment came when two, decked-out teens walked up to the lip of the stage, asking who sang the song that playing moment, which happened to be Ebn-Ozn’s “AEIOU Sometimes Y.” I handed over the LP’s jacket, they perused it, then danced and sang along to the lyrics. Aging, I tell you…

There’ll be more on this in a coming post and on that promised new blog (soon!), but if you’d be so kind as to save the night of Friday, August 26, I’d surely appreciate it. The evening will feature a trivia night at Mad Art Gallery. Questions are currently being composed and, without bragging, they’re a challenging, themed bunch. Tables are $100 for 10 players, with limited space available. If you, or someone you know, is into the favored STL pastime of weekly trivia playing, consider it. Drop a line for details…

And lastly, for those picking up the monthly mags, I’ve got a piece on Maplehood Rekkids in the new Sauce and an interview with Matt Diestelrath of KYMC radio in the current Playback…

That is all.

Small exurban bars, anyone?

I’m late to the public-posting-of-story-needs subgenre. But here goes:

I’m looking for a really small, exurban bar in the metro area. I have the City bar, think I have the County and Eastside bars and only need the outlying place to have the piece in focus. Thoughts? Post below. Danke.

And thought I don’t usually do this, I’m pretty pleased with the review of Study Hall in yesterday’s “Get Out,” so much so that I’m in danger of pulling a muscle from all the back-patting.

Do not visit

My friend and neighbor Stefene Russell has been blogging (!), a fact recently tipped by Our Man in China, oldtasty. This wonderfully esoteric writer was even a bit sheepish when I asked about the site’s status, suggesting that it wasn’t meant to be read by the masses, an unfair outcome, if you ask me. Thus, I am not encouraging you to visit this wonderful little corner of the web and I’m not making it easy to arrive there.


Like so many of you, I caught ’80s supergroup Asia at Pop’s last night. Though calling the band a supergroup these days would be a stretch – at points, I felt as if I was actually watching a tribute band – it was, at least, some strange pleasure to hear tracks like “Heat of the Moment,” “Only Time will Tell” and “Go” in all their decibel-ringing glory.

And while standing there, in the time warp of an Asia show at Pop’s, I realized how fun it will be to have a blog dedicated to local pop culture. Though there are some technical bugs to sift through, my pals Stefene Russell, Andrea Avery and I will be posting at a new blog site in a week, or so, with some publishing plans (as on paper) in the near future, as well. More details as they become available.

‘Til then, the 2,000-word Asia review that’s stuck in my head will simply have to exist there. So sad.

Settling in

First post from the new office space above the Hartford Coffee Company, in scenic South City. For years, this kind of venue seemed a needless extra, but with work contintually grinding to a halt in the home setting, it proved nothing less than essential. A few days in, the results have been okay. Conversely, perhaps, the people-watching has gotten even better. Idle moments at the window, gazing at the intersection of Roger and Hartford, is nothing if not a curious glance at life’s rich pageant. (Ray Brewer’s down on the patio, yukking it up, right now.)

By the way, if you have a bookshelf you’d like to sell me, or some kitschy art, drop a line.

And, by all means, buy yourself an Ergo-mat Memory Foam Mouse Mat. Your wrists will thank you.

(Aug. 9 update: dag!)


Some of the affiliated links are a bit granola-crunchy for my tastes, but, overall, there’s a good deal of interesting stuff from a left/liberal/progressive POV here. Lit mags, book reviews, online reading sources, etc.

Movies that you will like

I’m always on the lookout for experiences to add to my life, things I that I don’t excel at, but can claim as part of my overall portfolio of unpaid eccentricities, curious side projects and occasionally accomplished daydreams. In recent times, “film actor” has wheedled its way onto this steadily growing list of absurd, non-resume pursuits, alongside cookbook packer, backyard fighter and club DJ. So, over the last couple years, I was cast (admittedly, by friends, they are so kind to me) in a couple, locally-produced feature films. Strangely, both will be screening around town over a three-day period, in about a month’s time.

On Saturday, July 30, “Hooch & Daddy-O” will be presented at the Pageant. This will be the second time the mockumentary has screened and technical fixes have made since the well-attended Tivoli debut. In this one, I’m Mike.

On Monday, August 1, “The Bunglers” will be shown at the Tivoli, part of a new series by Cinema St. Louis to highlight local feature productions. It’s spun around town at fun places like Frederick’s Music Lounge and the Venice Cafe. In this one, I’m Michael.

With the “comedy” genre now doubly satisfied, I look for “anime,” “western” and “foreign” film opportunities. And the chance to finally crack imdb.com. Dare to dream!


Though a holiday in these parts, the radio programme still airs tonight, with Michael Levinson of Build St. Louis, who recently spoke for 52-straight minutes at the “Free Candy” show – or 22-minutes longer than our weekly episode! We’ll see how this young man with big ideas can condense his message into soundbite-sized morsels. Tonight: 7:30-8:00 p.m., KHDX 88.1 fm.