Chris King is amusing

Since I struggle to get enough self-referential posts into the blog, I was relieved to see this note from Chris King, re: Sunday’s art event at Hartford Coffee:

Long ago, Thomas Crone decided I was a world music critic, when I was nothing of the sort, and he assigned me a world music column for the Ray Hartmann-era Riverfront Times. That led to… not really very much of anything, except a boatload of amazing free CDs, a lot of $125 paychecks, and a dozen entries with my byline in the definitive tome on the subject, The Music Hound Guide to World Music. And that’s… something, I guess.

Now, Crone has decided I am an artist by inviting me to be in his ad hoc group show that opens this Sunday at 5 pm at Hartford Coffee, just before Free Candy (complete details follow). I expect this to lead… not very much of anywhere, either, except for maybe a few $50 checks, since that’s the price I’m putting on my sketches of the late Nymah Kumah, which are attached.Chrisp.s.

Three “Nephew Haiku” by my kid nephew Brendan Dulaney and I will no doubt come in another message, as “the unpromoted life is not worth living,” said the editor of the world music tome previously mentioned, one Adam McGovern of Mount Tabor, N.J.

Sunday, December 3
Free Candy, with Amanda & Julia
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford (@ Roger)
Free, maturish audience only, 7 p.m., 314-772-5947,

Delightful show prequel, in the form of a new art show featuring the photography/artwork of Thomas Crone and friends (Dana Smith, Andrea Day, Tom Lampe, me and my kid nephew, Brendan Dulaney) from 5-7 p.m.

Spend Thanksgiving with me

Specifically, 2-4 p.m., on KDHX with The Underworld. Doug Morgan’s familial commitments are my gain.

One hour of local music, with an in-studio appearance from Scott Randall of Fragile Porcelain Mice. One hour of shoegaze.

Two hours of fun. I love holidays.

(Scratch one note above: two hours of local rock today. Rockin’.)

52nd City in the media

Thanks to Sylvester Brown of the Post-Dispatch for a column on the site in today’s edition of the P-D, which is, of course, accessible via Our fingers are crossed for another short there in the near future.

Also, Stefene, Andrea and I will be guests on KMOX this Friday evening at 10:30 p.m., discussing the project with the Two Johns. Our thanks to producer Rachel Doyle (a former student of mine at Webster – aw, these kids are gittin’ all growed up!) for working on this discussion/visit.

The P-D and the Mighty ‘Mox in a week. ‘Salright.

Group Art Show

Group Show
Showing: Hartford Community Cafe, 3974 Hartford @ Roger, 314-771-JAVA
Running: Friday, December 1 – Sunday, December 31
Opening Reception: Sunday, December 3, 5 – 7 p.m.

Participating artists:
Thomas Crone (photography, text, Xeroxes)
Andrea Day (photography)
Brendan Dulaney (spray paintings)
Chris King (sketches, haiku)
Tom Lampe (photography)
Dana Smith (paintings)

Following the reception, Free Candy (, from 7 – 9 p.m.

Media saturation

Recently, I talked to a class about the need to maintain recognition about what’s being written and broadcast around you, so that your own work doesn’t too closely reflect that of other media members in town, whether they be full professionals or working in “citizen media” forms.

I came across two good examples of this in my own work in past months, catcthing some uncanny – and almost uncomfortable – moments.

Weeks after posting a photo on flickr, I visited Toby Weiss’ built environment blog and noticed almost an identical shot of lovely-but-abandoned building in Midtown. (See her October 8 posting, slightly down the page.)

Recently, after writing a piece for 52nd City on turning Pruitt-Igoe into an official nature preserve (arguing that it’s already one, as is), I was pointed to a similar piece by former local blogger Dylan Hassinger, who wrote essentially the same treatise re: the Carondelet Coke Plant.

Both incidents reminded me of a few years ago, when I snapped an innocuous, fairly basic pic of the neon sign at Lemmons for, only to receive a heated, irate e-mail note from a local, amateur photographer, who thought that we’d swiped his image. It’s not like dozens of people aren’t taking shots of that great piece of neon, I first thought, before realizing that the angles were similar. I could almost imagine someone thinking their image was used.

It could be that great minds are thinking alike in this town.

Or that are enough people covering some of the same ground that we’re starting to develop an overlap in our efforts.

After posting this, I should check the local blogs for similar sentiments. Sure they’re out there.

Clips, November

Apparently, the feature on singer-songwriter Jesse Irwin in the current issue of Sauce Magazine has got people talking. It’s here:

There’s a piece on the new White Flag Projects multi-artist show in tomorrow’s P-D. Along with the usual assortment of “Saturday Night Date” pieces upcoming.

Plenty of new bar reviews, including several on new Washington Avenue haunts, over at:

Some photography’s found in the new 52nd City, including a shots for a story by my boy, Franklin Jennings. Plus lots of blog postings in the usual location.

Somewhat slow month, but many intriguing reads are upcoming in December, donchaknow?

Two KDHX subs

Coin-Operated Radio, Saturday, Nov. 4, from 6-8 p.m., with an early live set by Jesse Irwin.

The Rhythm Section, Tuesday, Nov. 7 from noon-2 p.m. This one’s got me thinking… yikes!

Thanks to Andy and Nico for the slots!