Gaslight @ night

So I was running around this evening, taking some night shots, including the compositionally imprecise pic accompanying this entry, a shot of construction from the Gaslight Square project in midtown. Thing is, I’m trying to be a bit more bold, in shooting both people and places. That kinda goal’s gotta be weighed out against common sense, I’m learning quickly.

Since I was a couple blocks from Gaslight, I dropped by and snapped one pic, before hearing some distinct rustling in the area around/behind this little earth-mover. What followed was that moment of distinct “presence,” when you realize someone’s nearer than you’d like them to be. I thought I’d grab at least one more snap, this off-centered one, before hearing the distinct sound of a bottle being thrown, and landing with a mild, but distinct breakage.

It was the last photo of the evening, bye-bye!


Technology does not smile upon me. It’s more of a sneer, really.

Nonetheless, I have added myself – or at the least the guise of AkitaSan – to the ranks of Flickr photographers. Soon, I will add a “badge” to the right side of the page, with three, cute, little pics. The hours spent yesterday on this task will surely be rewarded soon with a successful import of that “badge.” I’m certain of it.

In the meantime, there’s that one lone photo to look at Flickr.

Ah, technology. My bane, my nemesis, my enemy. Why must you confound me at every turn?


Here’s a pic of Blake Brokaw, which’ll run with my interview with him in the next issue of Playback STL. After a day of fiddling with PictureProject – mostly unsuccessfully – I had to share with… somebody. Hope I’m not breaking a PBSTL rule by posting this. Alas.

As my grandfather used to say, even the blind squirrel can find a nut. Albeit with a fair bit of work, on occasion.

Larry Matysik on the radio

Got a chance to co-interview Larry Matysik tonight, discussing his days as a principal in the “Wrestling at the Chase” operation, both as a booker and TV announcer. His book, simply called “Wrestling at the Chase,” is a fun, quick read, though it’s quite well-done by Matysik, who has training as a journalist and knows how to spin a tale.

Anyway, if the show meant anything to you growing up, catch the streaming audio version at

(Note: there’s an unedited, 60-hour version of the old shows that Matysik is offering to superfans. I have a bad feeling I know someone who’s about to invest in this.)

Boys Club

There’s been a stange bit of feedback in the field recently, with folks asking for regular updates on the status of Cabrini Academy’s sixth grade soccer team, the self-styled Ninjas. Yesterday, the squad found a place in the W column, with a 4-3 victory over the Boys Club, at their Soulard pitch. The field is a strange one, for sure, a looooong rectangle, approximately the length of a city block and the depth of a shoebox. Factor in, too, the dirt baseball infield and raised pitcher’s mound as extra impediments to smooth play. On the plus side: an actual, lit scoreboard; and a PA system, replete with a horn sounding off each goal. And yesterday, there were many of those. Despite dipping into a 2-0 deficit, the squad scored four unanswered goals, before a late tally from the BCs. The record’s now 2-4 overall, 0-3 league. A rematch with the Boys Club looms Tuesday, not long after tomorrow morning’s league game, against a team I can’t recall at an hour I can’t quite place, though it’s early. Too early.

All this stated, “yes,” I realize that my players are not thinking about soccer right now, but I am.

(Hammer time! So, OLS beat an undermanned Cabrini 6-0. And the Boys Club match is postponed, one week from tomorrow. Hooligans, don’t show up until next Tuesday.)

Fave STL movies

If folks wouldn’t mind sharing, I’m working on a project about STL films. If anyone would care to jot down some thoughts, that’d be great. They can films inherently about St. Louis, featuring the town prominently or simply shot here.


KDHX’s fall pledge drive is underway. Well underway. This coming Monday night’s the single pledge show this for The Wire, from 7:30-8:00 p.m. On Friday, I’ll rejoin Bob Reuter, on another edition of his Bob’s Scratchy Records, hoping to build on yesterday’s record haul. Thanks and/or thanks, in advance, for your contributions to 88.1 fm.