Riverfront Times: After working at the RFT for the bulk of the ’90s, I’ve somehow weaseled my way back into the picture.

RECENT Outlets

Eleven: Penned the monthly Nook of Revelations column for the music (mostly- monthly, Eleven. “New music for old people” is what I think of this outing. These columns were printed-only; radical!

Feast Magazine: Had a little run with the St. Louis food publication, including the short-lived feature series “Ax to Table.” Occasionally, I write essays and personality profiles for this independently-owned-and-operated website, dedicated to local architecture, civics and design.

Second Set/Encore: Two years of music features for the St. Louis Beacon can be found via the link. & St. Louis Magazine: Writing music features on a semi-regular basis for St. Louis’ monthly magazine.

RECENT National Clips (Ain’t Many! Always Open!)

The Curator: Wrote about the Magic Door. Jack Dorsey wanted to talk business and I wanted to cover it for a fine, urban affairs site. When Louisville’s Brrr Went West to St. Louis


52nd City

Five Minutes of Hell with Harley Race: Just what the title implies.

To Remember a Madam: A nod to St. Louis’ own Nell Kimball.


Lost: Wabash Triangle Cafe: My one clip with Michael R. Allen’s informative, looking back on a old nightclub fave.

Men from Uncle“: A ’92 RFT interview with Uncle Tupelo, found on

Riverfront Times

Bump and Grind: On the scene with strip club deejays.

Confessions of a Former Vegetarian: The title may say it all.

The Final Bell: An obituary of wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick.

Lights Out: A look at Gaslight Square’s delayed demise.

The Man Who Built St. Louis Nightlife: A cover on legendary bar creator Bob Burkhardt.

Nothing but Net: A year with the CBC basketball program.

On with the Show: A feature on classic comic Danny O’Day.

St. Louis Magazine

The B-Team: A feature on the late, lamented “Fan Show.”

He’s Tricky: Profiling comic/improv whiz Bill Chott.

How Lo Can You Go?: A look at video blogger Bill Streeter.

Past Perfect: Recalling the good ol’ days of STL’s college rock scene.

Peanuts’ Gallery: Digging on the noise trio Peanuts.

Rock Art: A quick snapshot of local painter Dana Smith.

Rock Steady: How Jeff Frelich Became Professor Skank: A profile of the popular KDHX reggae deejay.

Waxing Philosophical: A nod to the classic (vinyl) record album.

BOOKS, Paper & Electronic

Gaslight Square: An Oral History (The William and Joseph Press)

Portraits Along the River: Working in the City of St. Louis” with photographer Bob Reuter (The William and Joseph Press)

Second Set: Encore (St. Louis Beacon)

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