So, let’s see. I’m a recovering journalist with a weird job history and a few online hobbies. Here are some highlights.

In non-media terms, I co-owned, curated and managed a classic, reborn South City bar, the Tick Tock Tavern. Our space sat empty for 20 years, before being reborn on August 18, 2014. I left there on December 31, 2019. It was a good run. I’ve worked at a variety of other bars and restaurants over the years: O’Connell’s, the Webster Grill & Cafe, Frederick’s Music Lounge, the Side Door Music Club, Pablo’s, The Royale Food & Spirits, the Fortune Teller Bar, Yaqui’s on Cherokee and probably some others.

Though no longer a full-time journalist, my writing still appears in town, primarily tied to the Riverfront Times has been keeping me busy since 2016.  My work pops up elsewhere, too, when luck permits. (See Writings link.)

There’s been some video dabbling in my life. Linked for you here.

If you wanna find me quickly and surely, there’s always social media contact available at Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Every-so-often, people write about me, too. Or they include me in/on some video, podcast or site. Here’re some examples, assuming these links work:

NoisyPaper Debuts Again (1999), by Dawn Grodsky
The Boxer’s Rebellion (2003), by Randall Roberts
Featuring Thomas Crone as: The Cornerman (2008), by Chris King
Last Collector Standing: Thomas Crone, Riverfront Times (2010), by Jon Scorfina
Flyer Supplier: Thomas Crone’s Old Crap is St. Louis History (2012), by Jaime Lees
Film Tell: Thomas Crone (2013), by Tyler DePerro
Thomas Crone Talks Second Set: Encore (2013), by Jarred Gastreich
Thomas Crone’s e-book is a second take on the music and times of the ’80s and ’90s (2013), by Terry Perkins
Guns n’ Roses, with Brian Stull (2015)
Nothing to Confess: The Clear Conscience of a Still-Vegetarian (2016), by Melissa Meinzer
Paying tribute to the cheap and queasy St. Paul egg foo young sandwich (2017), AV Club, by Randall Colburn

And this is probably the comprehensive “career”-spanning Q/A, compliments of 3 Minute Record:
Episode 17: Thomas Crone


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