Cabrini soccer: catch the fever

It’s the day of reckoning. The St. Frances Cabrini 5th/6th grade, “crusader division” soccer team faces its first test of the young season, with an SJA tournament game against St. Ambrose. It’s the Mini-U.N. of Cabrini vs. St. Ambrose’s Children of Italia. Will pluck save the day? Can goals rain down from the heavens – or will it just rain? Can the coach think less about this encounter than the players?

All will be revealed at the friendly confines of Arsenal Park, this afternoon, 5:30 p.m. kickoff. Updates, of course, will be coming as soon as possible, for all concerned parties.

(Result: Cabrini forces a shootout session, playing 50-minutes of scoreless soccer. In the penalty kick round, Amblessed Oparaji and Walter Burke make their shots and goalkeeper Thomas Nguyen saves the decisive St. Ambrose shot. With that, the team exceeds last year’s win total. Next up, a match on Friday, at Tilles Park, 5:30 p.m.)

Weird question, perhaps

Do you have any old/unused soccer equipment or sports clothing for kids 10-12? If so, I could very much put the stuff to use. The reasons for this request will be made more clear later this week. Thanks.

Oh, it’s not for “an art project.”


If readers ever overhear me in real life bad-mouthing the quick, crisp, clear bringer of fast internet connectivity – oh, glorious DSL! – they are allowed to hit me, hard, on one, or the other, arm. Thank you.

(Technology update. DSL: connected. Phone: still wrecked. Cable: currently watching “Planet of the Apes,” the TV show verstion, no less; how did I live without cable?)

Jennifer Joyce on the radio

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce will be the guest of The Wire, tonight at 7:30 p.m. on KDHX 88.1 fm. Though we’ll come fully loaded with questions, it never hurts to ask for more. If you’ve got some thoughts about crimefighting in St. Louis, just a add a comment.

My other blog

I have only one phone number, one car and one bad case of late-summer ennui. But I now have two blogs. Or, at least, I maintain parental rights over a third of another blog, which is plenty.

After a bit of incubation, the blog of has been born. Just this morning in fact. Please refer to it early and often; whenever the need strikes, really. And note the fact that we’re already pimping you for cash, though we’ll offer an amazing night of head-scratching trivia for your dollars.

On behalf of fellow-posters Andrea Avery, Stefene Russell and tech operative Brian Marston, welcome.

(This meta-entry was brought to you by the STLsyndicate and by viewers like you.)