Good Intentions, Trust ‘Em

Hello. In 2022, I moved to Salt Lake City. And then back to St. Louis. And then to New Orleans.

Interesting things happened in each of these places. In Salt Lake, for example, I was able to work for both Salt Lake City Weekly and Salt Lake Magazine. Clips for both can be found through my Linktree.

I’m currently publishing a newsletter about the experience of moving to/discovering New Orleans. That new project is called Newbie Orleans. It’s done through the Substack platform and I’m trying to see if a paywall’s a good option; there’s an affiliated Instagram page, too. Gonna give this project the best that I can, while saying goodbye to a weekly experiment called Memory Hall, which gave me 63 weekly reasons to type from 2021-23. If it’s possible to thank a project that you’re personally responsible for, this is that project: thanks, Memory Hall, you were super-useful in my life.

The good intentions mentioned above relate to this site. Over the past half-dozen years, I’ve given up on it as much more than a placeholder, a location for clips, an archive of dead projects. Going forward, I’ll try to chip in a few thoughts here, without schedule or purpose.