An interaction, whilst wearing a suit

A conversation at school, held minutes ago, in which I, while conversing, am wearing a suit. Which you would’ve probably intuited, sure, from the text below. Still, it’s a key, this suit, and should be noted, expressly.

Me (in suit): Minding my own damned business at the copier.

School boss: “Why are you wearing a suit?”

Me (in suit): “Because it’s Halloween.”

School boss: “What are you supposed to be?”

Me (in suit): “A media professor.”

School boss: Blank stare. Moment’s pause. Then: “Oh.”

New content

There’s new content at Several pieces. You’ll want to read all of them.

And the mag’s on news-stands. Most of them. The rest of our locations will be stocked later this week. Please buy one and it read it from cover-to-cover. The theme this quarter is “Stupid.” The results are not. Unless you’re flipping that phrase the way young folks do. In that case, this issue is “stupid,” thanks very much.

For now, though, please check our web issue. You’re already at the computer.

St. Louis Magazine

Please buy the November, 2007, issue of St. Louis Magazine. And buy one for a friend.

I have features on Peanuts and The Fan Show and add a few bar reviews to the Best Bars roundup.

Versatility is life.


I’m pulling this directly from the exceptional 52nd City blog, where Andrea Avery just posted up a notice about the next print edition’s arrival:

That’s Stupid

That’s right…the theme for the next issue of 52nd City Magazine is STUPID and we’ll be celebrating at a stupid fun release party at AMP (4199 Manchester) this Sunday, October 28th. Festivities start at 5pm and we’ll have a prize for the stupidest costume/outfit. The swell guys at AMP (former Kick Ass recipients) are providing drink and appetizer specials. Admission is free. Issues of the magazine are $8. Come on down and get plain silly with us.

  • Great new cover art by Firecracker Press!
  • Writing by Michael Allen, Aaron Belz, Chris King, Jim Klenn, K. Curtis Lyle, Piedmont Chris Johnson, April Seager and Mike Steinberg.
  • Topics like Gary Coleman, wigs, washing machines, mustard, feet and MORE!
  • Web issue goes live on Sunday with even more writers and artwork.

SLIFF volunteer meetup

It’s possible – nay likely – that you’ve long wondered what the office of Cinema St. Louis looked like. Well, I even wondered. But now that I’m logging some office time there, I realize that it’s got desks, shelves, phones, countless DVDs, and a few people working amidst the rest. And, on this coming Tuesday, hopefully a whole host of volunteers will be up in there, too, all of whom’ll be signing up for SLIFF shifts for the Nov. 8-18 event.

Need to knows:
Tuesday, October 23, 5-7:30 p.m.
Cinema St. Louis offices at the Centene Center for the Arts
3547 Olive, one half-block east of Grand in Grand Center
SLIFF schedule at the new site:
Added info at:

And you wondered how that Centene Center renovation went, too, right? Well, heck, come on down…

Greatest weekend ever

No grading.

Fragile Porcelain Mice at Topshooter’s, Monroe County’s premier rock’n’roll’n’dance venue.

Adam Franklin at Vintage Vinyl. Then at the Bluebird. (The man owes me $1. Please ask.)

A trip to the Armour Meat Packing plant, which, despite the bust by the “overseer,” served as a successful debut from the Urbanities Exploration Union, Local 314.

Even watched kids jump off a trampoline onto a basketball net. Now that’s fun.

Photos going up at Flickr now.

And the weekend’s not quite over. Free Candy? Fan Show? Hmm.

Ska’s the Limit

Thanks to those of you who contributed to The Wire, this just-past Monday evening. But the KDHX fall membership drive continues to roll on and I’ll be appearing on one of the linchpin shows of the 88.1 fm calendar tomorrow night. The particulars: Ska’s the Limit, Friday, 8-10 p.m., with host Paul Stark. If you haven’t chipped in on this drive, please consider our pitching effort tomorrow evening. Thanks very much.

Pledge drive tonight

I couldn’t put this up any later, really, but KDHX’s fall membership drive is underway. And Amanda Doyle and I would certainly appreciate you rubbing a few coins together for “The Wire.” We’ll be on-air in pitch mood tonight, between 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. on 88.1 fm, KDHX(.org). Thanks for the consideration.

And we’ll have some interesting “Wire”-related news to transmit in a couple weeks, as well.