To start some, press about two bars that I had an ownership stake in (Tick Tock Tavern, co-owner and operator) and Chatawa (onwer and operator).

The Tick Tock Tavern (2014-2019)

Feast Magazine (2014)

Feast Magazine (2014)

Riverfront Times (2014)

Riverfront Times (2014)

Riverfront Times (2015) – Best Throwback Bar!

Riverfront Times (2015)

Riverfront Times (2015)

St. Louis Magazine I of III (2014)

St. Louis Magazine II of III (2014)

St. Louis Magazine III of III (2014)

Sauce Magazine (2014)

Sauce Magazine (2016)


Chatawa (2021)

Feast Magazine

Riverfront Times I

Riverfront Times II – Best New Bar 2021!

Riverfront Times III

St. Louis Magazine I

St. Louis Magazine II

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Sauce Magazine I

Sauce Magazine II

Sauce Magazine III

Bar & Restaurant Gigs of Lore:

The Fortune Teller Bar: concierge

The Kitchen Bar: bartender

Frederick’s Music Lounge: concierge

Mad Art Gallery: bartender

Pablo’s: house DJ, barback

The Royale: concierge, barback, mouse race officiant

Seed Sprout Spoon: server, barback/bartender, line cook

Side Door Music Club: concierge, merch slinger