Festival Selections – Creation, Crew

Old Dog, New Trick playing with The Pride of St. Louis (Mike Steinberg and Thomas Crone, 2009): St. Louis International Film Festival, 2009

I Am Haji Haji (Brian Spath and Thomas Crone, 2011): St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2011, Documentary Shorts

Kingshighway Skatepark, Nee and The Kitchen @ The Royale (Andy Alton and Thomas Crone), St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2012, Documentary Shorts

The South Side of Luck: Corner Bars, Frank’s First Alarm (Tyler DePerro and Thomas Crone): St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2011, Documentary Shorts

Comic Geeks (2012, Comic Geeks): St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2012; Emerald City Comic Con, 2013

Archival Projects – Features

A (anonymous) (Daniel Bowers, 2006): Cast as a gas huffer in this one, which played around town quite a bit, as well as securing some festival dates. Lost a couple lines during editing, but fun to be a part of this improv-ed production.

The Bunglers (Bradley Bowers, 2004/5): Here’s one that’s been completely lost to the mists of time, one that’s almost invisible on the web, which is hard to be these days. I play Michael, a drunk, off-duty cop (or equivalent) in this cross-town caper. Film’s just gone. Gone, I tell you, despite playing around town a fair bit during its’ day.

Go South for Animal Index (Chris King, 2013): After agreeing to be a bit part soldier in this Poetry Scores production, I wound up a moderately-prolific character, Cpl. Buster Jangles. Got to share two scenes with the late George Malich, my former improv teacher and a good actor and better dude.

Hooch & Daddy-O (Donna Northcott, 2005): Appeared in passing as “Mike,” a superfan of the fictional cop show “Hooch & Daddy-O,” hilariously penned by Oscar Madrid and Jim Ousley. It’s played a variety of festivals around the country and is well-represented on YouTube.

Old Dog, New Trick b/w The Pride of St. Louis (co-directed and produced with Mike Steinberg, 2009): Co-created with Webster University Film Series and Big Sky Documentary Film Festival staffer Mike Steinberg, these two works are found on one DVD. “Old Dog” charts the musical life of Steve Scorfina, known in St. Louis for his work with Pavlov’s Dog and REO Speedwagon. “The Pride of St. Louis,” meanwhile documents the rise, fall and rebirth of the STL classic rock band Mama’s Pride. Both were selected for the 2009 St. Louis International Film Festival.
Review, It’s a Dog’s Life,, Paul Friswold, 3.3.10,
Review, We Built This City: Two new music documentaries on local classic-rock legends rock SLIFF,, Christian Schaeffer, 11.18.09

STL 2000 (Matt Meyer, 2001): Appeared as an interview subject in this year-long documentary of underground/punk rock in St. Louis during the year 2000. The filmmaker’s a talented songwriter and guitarist in the band Ded Bugs.

Student of Leisure (Mark Cange, unreleased): Not sure of the status of this feature debut by Mark Cange, but I spent an afternoon in a local high school, waiting to silently perform as the lineless Dr. Magee. This one seems destined to live in Unreleased Feature Heaven. RIP.

Archival Projects – Shorts

The Faraday Cage (2005, Bill Boll): This 2005 48 Hour Film Project production was helmed by Bill Boll, who cast me as a befuddled cop. Spent the afternoon of shooting at the Hi-Pointe Cafe next to talented comic actor Michael Bowdern and across the bar from noted “scream queen” Emily Haack. A part of that year’s Best Of DVD, it won for Best Editing.

Flutemaster IV: Spirit of Doom (2006, Carson Minow): This 2006 48 Hour Film Project production was a finalist for that year’s Best Of DVD and won for Best Costumes, among other nominations. Nominally co-wrote and appear as a mohawked assassin. Lines!

Hanley’s Meadow (2007, Carson Minow): This 2007 48 Hour Film Project production was a blast to make, with a buddy/zombie blend. Film took an award/two in the competition and also finished in the year’s Best Of DVD. Nominally co-wrote and appear in cameo as lineless Fat Man.

My Name is Haji Haji (Thomas Crone and Brian Spath, 2011): This 10-minute documentary features the story of a charismatic, young, Somali refugee who moved from St. Louis to Lewiston, Maine, just as our cameras began to roll on his story. The piece was selected for the 2011 St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase, part of the Documentary Shorts program.’s Graffiti Series (Kevin Belford, 2013): St. Louis artist and videographer Kevin Belford put together a really nice slideshow of my graffiti photography, as a Kickstarter intro video. The Kickstarter made it, thanks, in large part, to this nicely-done piece.

Off Days (Tyler DePerro, 2011): Co-produced and acted in this 2011 entrant into the 48 Hour Film Project. Also added some location scouting and extra casting. Worked with the DePerro- and George Malich-lead Black Maria crew.

Recent Linear Landscapes (Bill Boll, 2007): Played an astronaut in this fun music video for the Finn’s Motel track. Thanks to Joe Thebeau for the casting. What a fun day of “work.”

Tales of Templar (Thomas Crone, 2010): Directed this 2010 submission to the 48 Hour Film Project, with the Meatloaf Productions team. Also cast extras, scouted locations, acted and served on the script-writing team. Can safely say I had nothing to do with this one winning Best Costumes.

Wish You Were Here (Zach Nuernberger, 2014): Wound up guesting in a short student film, after agreeing to watch a bar overnight. Appear as The Bartender in an inspired bit of last-second casting.

Archived Projects – New Media/Web Series

Comic Geeks (Comic Geeks, 2012): St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2012; Emerald City Comic Con, 2013: I worked extensively (as a writer, producer and director) on the pilot of this web series about a group of comic-obsessed friends.

Film Tell: Thomas Crone (Tyler DePerro, 2013): For some reason, Film Tell’s Tyler DePerro wanted to know my three favorite films. At the Magic Door, I told him exactly that.

Half Order Fried Rice (Thomas Crone, 2012): For 25 weekdays in June and July of 2012, I produced, shot, directed and edited a web series featuring “Saint Louis, City of Lists.” The project featured a host of notable St. Louisans, most of them adding generous doses of improv to their scenes. Funded by an campaign and shot for a budget of $931.

Mansion Motel (Steven Smith, 2008): An urban exploration short through the late, unlamented Mansion Motel of North St. Louis. Not for the squeamish. Part of a series of video shorts dedicated to urban exploration in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest.

The South Side of Luck (Tyler DePerro and Andy Alton, 2011): Executive produced a series of short videos, set in South Side Louis and affiliated with the dedicated blog The first seven were directed by Tyler DePerro and the remaining seven by Andy Alton. One of the summer flicks, “Corner Bars: Frank’s First Alarm,” was chosen for the Documentary Shorts program of the 2011 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase; three more were selected for the 2012 Showcase, including “Kingshighway Skatepark,” “Nee” and “The Kitchen @ The Royale.” All 14 clips are available via a YouTube channel, linked above.

Thomas Crone Talks Second Set: Encore (Jarred Gastreich, 2013): Short promo video for the e-book “Second Set: Encore,” shot at the historic Fortune Teller Bar in South St. Louis.

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