The election of note in the City this spring is that for the Presidency of the St. Louis Board of Alderman. Amanda Doyle and I will welcome both candidates for the position in coming weeks. Tonight, it’ll be the incumbent, James Shrewsbury. On Monday, March 5, we’ll be joined on The Wire by challenger/outgoing 6th Ward Alderman Lewis Reed. Shows stream for one-month after the initial, live airing.

The Wire airs Monday nights at 7:30 p.m., on KDHX, 88.1 fm.

Though we won’t be taking live calls, questions can be sent to: wire @

When the laughter stopped

As noted in a post somewhere, oh, down the page, I was intending to host a show featuring the Non-Prophets this coming, at Laughs on the Landing. Due to a rather-rude, unannounced show-drop on the part of the club, the event won’t be occuring. (Which could, of course, spare me the chagrin of absolutely bombing in the guest emcee role. Silver lining?) Anyway, thought the four of you interested would want to know. And what’s a blog, if not a way to communicate to four, scattered people around the world?

Instead of calling bingo numbers, I’ll be attending a birthday party that night! Bowling. Yes. So, happy birthday to anyone having a birthday this week.

Student blog goes live

My online journalism class at Webster University has been meeting for three weeks now and it’s been a real joy, to date. A blog’s been established for the group and they’re starting to populate the site with some content:

In coming weeks, expect a mix of Webster-centric, but not Webster-exclusive posts. (In fact, as an instructor, I have to note that a bunch more should be there right now! Something to discuss in class tomorrow. People, where’s your copy!) At any rate, I hope you get a chance to pop through, esp. after some technical things have been worked through and once the site’s been linked to the STL Syndicate, which is also shortly to occur.

Jim Utz vs. Thomas Crone

Last-second note, but I’ll be spinning part of this evening at the Royale, reliant solely on the record crate of the one-and-only Jim Utz, who’s taking time out of the middle of the spin to ride in the Full Moon Fiasco. (A midnight bicycle ride in this cold? Yikes.) At any rate, I’ll be dipping into the master’s bag of tricks around 10:30 and will spin until he returns from the cold. Have never tried this type of thing, but knowing Jim’s rangy tastes in music and the good selection he packs into the club each month, it should be fun.