Only now have I received an e-mail that lands in my in-box every, oh, six months. Sent by nitaigouranga at aol . com, it simply says:

Call out Gouranga be happy
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga!
That which brings the highest happiness…

I’m not sure what this exactly means, this obtuse message. But it does remind to note a vaguely consequential point:

Between one-two weeks ago, I inadvertently erased my entire, aforementioned in-box. If I owe you correspondence in any way, shape or form, please hit me with a new note of remembrance and I’ll get back in touch, in between shifts of jury duty. While daft, I do wish to hear from you!

Thank you and gouranga.

Many new photos

Summer’s slipping by quickly.

Many new photos taken recently.

Many posted at flickr.

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New Web Content @ 52nd City

Greetings. New web content is now available at 52ndcity.com, with our web magazine updated for the quarter. Content includes stories, poems and photos from: Andrea Avery, Katherine Bish, Joe Esser, Randy Grim, Chris King, Jane Linders, Christian Saller, Rob Thurman. We’re truly pleased to present work by this exceptional group of contributors.

Note, too, that issue #2 of our magazine, “Faith,” will be distributed throughout the weekend at our normal distribution points: Hartford Coffee Company, The Royale, Left Bank Books, Subterranean Books, Dunaway Books, Vintage Vinyl and Tension Head; or tonight at Mad Art Gallery. Thanks.