Thirteen Articles: 2013

A selection of clips from 2013. Can live with these. Can even highlight them. Clicks are the coin of the realm and I always appreciate a shared link. It’s been a year.

Loss of Mangia Lunch Will Hurt St. Louis Culture,, 3.7.13
Jimmy Tebeau is Still ‘Truckin’ While Waiting for the Law,, 3.21.13
Tuning Into Memories of KDHX,, 4.19.13
The Magic Door,, 6.24.13
A Live Report From Ert Night,, 7.17.13
Remembering Bob Reuter,, 8.5.13
The Eternal Debate: Graf as Art,, 8.7.13
Like PB’n’J: Urban Exploration and Graffiti,, 8.21.13
A Poet’s Intensity, A Poet’s Short Life,, 9.26.13
Slideshow: Artica 2013,, 10.15.13
Zombie Road: Ghosthunting in Wildwood,, 10.29.13
Dead Before Death,, 12.6.13
Slideshow: Championship Wrestling in East Carondelet,, 12.17.13