Strange citations

Talk about meta-posting.

My on/off-again love affair with St. Paul sandwiches has landed me a cameo on

A piece on Alderman Dar Kirner on is cited in the new book “Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis.” The chapter “Amateur Sports in St. Louis” references a quote from an on-line interview with the late Alderman. It also notes: “Boxing matches can be seen at the St. Charles Family Arena or in someone’s backyard.” What?

A photo of Aaron Belz by yours truly has been given an unauthorized upload to the page, which has resulted in the immediate scurrying of’s legal staff.

KDHX sub duties

Two chances to spin music on KDHX, 88.1 fm, are on the immediate horizon:

Saturday, April 15: Coin-Operated Radio, 6-8 p.m.

Monday, April 17: Rocket 88, 6-8 a.m.

I’m fairly certain that I can stay up long enough on Saturday to not fall asleep during Coin-Op, but I’m rather dubious that any alarm clock will rouse me next Monday. That will surely be an interesting experiment in early-morning awareness.

New clips, April

Better late than never!

Interview with KDHX all-star deejay Doug Morgan in the current of Playback St. Louis.

A review of the newest album by Magnolia Summer in the April issue of Sauce Magazine.

Upcoming Post bar reviews, including: the Big Muddy Pub, the Loft and, er, Saddle Ridge.

In this month’s St. Louis Magazine, a longish feature on STL-related movies.

And, of course, plenty of blog postings at 52nd City, plus a piece on the Mansion Motel in the new print mag.

Think that’s it. Yeah, that’s it.

52nd City – magazine available

Three upcoming chances to buy the mag in a “live” setting.

Release: Wedsnesday, April 12 @ Atomic Cowboy, 4140 Manchester, 7-9 p.m.

Book sale: Saturday, April 15 @ The Royale, 3132 S. Kingshighway, 12-4 p.m.

Free Candy: Sunday, April 30 @ Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford, 7-8:30 p.m.

Mags now available at:

Dunaway Books
Euclid Records
Hartford Coffee Company
Left Bank Books
The Royale
Subterranean Books
Tension Head
Vintage Vinyl

Will add new spots as the zines go out.

Also, new web content will be going live on Wednesday, April 12 @