Strange citations

Talk about meta-posting.

My on/off-again love affair with St. Paul sandwiches has landed me a cameo on

A piece on Alderman Dar Kirner on is cited in the new book “Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis.” The chapter “Amateur Sports in St. Louis” references a quote from an on-line interview with the late Alderman. It also notes: “Boxing matches can be seen at the St. Charles Family Arena or in someone’s backyard.” What?

A photo of Aaron Belz by yours truly has been given an unauthorized upload to the page, which has resulted in the immediate scurrying of’s legal staff.

2 thoughts on “Strange citations

  1. The photos of you eating the St. Paul (with the smushy fingerprint in that soft bread) and drinking a Vess soda…priceless. I hadn’t seen those.

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