Clips (’12-’13)

Talking to Steve Leftridge of St. Louis Springsteen Tribute Band, Asbury Park (Whose One Annual Gig Happens This Friday),, 12.31.13

Seven Questions with Matt Grant,, 12.26.13

Slideshow: X-mas Juggalo Bash at Pop’s,, 12.24.13

Slideshow: Championship Wrestling in East Carondelet,, 12.17.13

Seven Questions with Jen Bradford of Narcise Jewelry,, 12.12.13

The Bars of Grand Center,, 12.10.13

Dead before death, 12.6.13
For years , the author was certain he would never come to appreciate The Grateful Dead, let alone be a Deadhead. But little by little, he’s come around. He talks about his conversion and relates a real evolution: by a musician who went on to play with the Schwag, a Dead cover band.

Talking to Ellen the Felon About Her New CD “Bang Bang Bang”,, 12.3.13

Music: Power Up, So Many Dynamos expands its ranks, evolves its sound, and preps to put out a new record, Safe With Sound, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 12.1.13.

The Rock’n’Roll Craft Show Turns 10 (and Moves to Grand Center),, 11.27.13

KDHX’s “African Alert” is Turning 25, and Celebrating at 2720,, 11.26.13

One person’s guide to local coffee houses, 11.21.13
Meeting friends or squirreling away to work — fortified by caffeine — has become a part of our culture. The man who has been writing about his memories of music and bars, looks at two coffee houses he misses and takes about those he now frequents.

The Bars of Suburban Chains,, 11.12.13

Recording studio serves youth and clients, 11.7.13
Luke Arens, at the age of 23, is living his dream as chief engineer at Shock City Studios. The Webster University graduate is part of the next generation that is making its mark on the recording industry in St. Louis.

Talking to Amber Dover and Stephen Hoffman of The Archive Bookstore (Which Closes Its Doors This Month),, 11.5.13

The Perfect Mélange: The Many Facets of Kimmy V, a.k.a. Kim Hudgins Vrooman, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 11.1.13.

Zombie Road: Ghosthunting in Wildwood,, 10.29.13

A Kick Ass decade comes to a close, 10.24.13
For the past decade, the author has been part of a group that’s tried to celebrate the present with a distinct, but mild, nod to the past. The Kick Ass Awards also tried to beat down another old tradition: celebrating the same St. Louisans over and over again. Tonight is the final presentation.

Slideshow: The Monks of Labran Tashi Kyil Monastery, 10.22.13

Slideshow: Artica, 2013,, 10.15.13

KDHX’s last dance on Magnolia Avenue, 10.10.13
Just a block from Tower Grove Park, KDHX has been a vibrant part of the greater South Grand community. Soon, the volunteers who make the station hum will be popping into new haunts in Grand Center. Crone looks back at life in a bakery turned radio station.

Slideshow: Archon, 2013,, 10.7.13

Thomas Catches a Tag and Other Final Stories,, 10.2.13

Talking to Jack Spann, aka Jon Rosen, About New York, the Geyer Street Sheiks and “War Horse,”, 10.1.13

Music: Letter to Memphis, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 10.1.13.

This Must Be the Place: A Nomadic Gallery, Coming Soon to a Building Near You,, 9.24.13

A poet’s intensity, a poet’s short life, 9.26.13
Ken Brown died recently at the age of 50. He wrote his verse on whatever was to hand. A friend remembered that his poems tended to be smeared. “He’d write them, then drop something on them. He’d look at them and say, ‘I can’t even read this one.’” But at least one reading remains on Youtube, one that was memorable to Thomas Crone.

Murals,, 9.25.13

Three Vignettes of the Obsessed,, 9.18.13

Talking to Kelly Wells of KDHX’s “Steam Powered Radio” and Folk Duo The Aching Hearts,, 9.17.13

A sneak peek at the Second Set e-book, 9.12.13
Big J spins music from Wednesday night through the wee hours of Sunday morning in marathon shifts at Pop’s that usually begin around midnight and end after the sun’s risen. His story is just one of more than 30 new articles that will be found in our upcoming e-book.

Communication Breakdown,, 9.11.13

The Bars of Old Town St. Peters,, 9.10.13

Sights Sometimes Seen: Political Graf and Agitprop,, 9.4.13

Thirty Years in a Flash: Michael Defilippo Celebrates Three Decades of St. Louis Photography,, 9.3.13

Fall Arts Guide, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 9.1.13 (w/Stefene Russell and Byron Kerman)

Music: Kentucky Knife Fight, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 9.1.13.

Twitter’s Dorsey Asks St. Louisans to Talk Business on Cherokee Street,, 8.30.13

Taking it Off, Taking it All Off,, 8.28.13

Drepung Gomang Monastery Sacred Arts Tour: Where to Find the Tibetan Monks in St. Louis This Week,, 8.26.13

The Finns will reunite again, 8.22.13
When the former power pop band from Jefferson County opened for Pale Divine at the Pageant, the members discovered that the old magic came back quickly — and they were able to make some of the songs better. Now they are booked by the Duck Room in late November.

Like PB’n’J: Urban Exploration and Graffiti, 8.21.13

The Venice Café Marks its 25th Birthday With a Weeklong Celebration of it History (and a Labor Day Party),, 8.20.13

Artist vs. Artist: A Vandalism Sidetrip,, 8.14.13

The Bars of Southwest St. Louis County,, 8.13.13

Roundtable discussion on the future of local music video, 8.8.13
What do Kevin McDermott, Kat Touschner, Brian McClelland, Bill Streeter, Jarred Gastreich, Evan Mueller and Langen Neubacher have to say about music video? There seems to be room: For more live, concert-style videos. More series. More webcasting. Even more narratives.

The Eternal Debate: Graf as Art,, 8.7.13

BANK Projects’ “I-70 Series Cultural Exchange,” Aims to Connect STL and KC Artists,, 8.6.13

Remembering Bob Reuter,, 8.5.13

A Second Run of Paint Louis,, 7.31.13

Talking to Jesse James Gannon About his New Album, “Future Vintage,”, 7.30.13

Veteran rock DJ ‘Smash’ would like to talk to you, 7.25.13
Asher Benrubi is a former rocker who became a DJ on MTV back when Music Television had more music videos. He has teamed with Tony Twist in a return to St. Louis talk radio. The two say all topics are in play, with music and sports being part of the regular mix.

Night is Right for Vladimir “The Mad Russian” Noskov,, 7.23.13

A Live Report from Ert Night,, 7.17.13

Slideshow: NatsuCon Anime Convention,, 7.16.13

Times Beach, Blank Space, deja vu, 7.11.13
The coincidence: (a new) Times Beach was playing at (a new-ish) Blank Space. There used to be bands called that — called Times Beach and Blank Space. Isn’t that all a little too ironic? We check out the new.

Corner Bars of the Northside,, 7.9.13

New Releases: Mt. Thelonious and The Defeated County,, 7.2.13

Music: Tommy Halloran and Guerrilla Swing
, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 7.1.13.

Richard Fortus and Pale Divine reunite again, 6.27.13
The third show of the reconstituted ’80s group is on for this weekend at the Pageant as Fortus is in town in a break from his regular gigs with The Dead Daisies and Guns N’ Roses.

Slideshow: A Look Back at Paint Louis 2013,, 6.25.13

New Releases: Mr. Saxophone, “I Sneeze in Threes,” and a New Single from Ransom Note,, 6.18.13

The Magic Door,, 6.15.13

Keeping the Grand in South Grand, 6.13.13
Are The Grove and Cherokee Street taking some of the cool quotient away from the shopping area between Utah and Arsenal? This neighborhood resident offers 10 ideas to ratchet up the hip factor, from graffiti to beer-movie combos.

On St. Louis’ First Cigar Box Guitar Festival, and The Union Electric’s Kickstarter,, 6.8.13

Release Night at Off Broadway: Beth Bomara and Blind Eyes,, 6.1.13

Music: Syna So Pro (aka Syrhea Conaway)
, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 6.1.13

Mary Levi, builder of fun, 5.30.13
In July 2013, Levi will celebrate a full dozen years at the City Museum, working with the famed Cassilly Crew. “I like what I do. It’s satisfying to complete something and see people tear into it and be completely happy.”

An Experiential Trip to a Korn Show,, 5.28.13

Tuesday with Laurie: Happy Hour at The Shanti,, 5.28.13

“Passionate Visionary” Develops Spaces That are Both Green and Historic in South St. Louis, 5.23.13
Patty Maher, a developer in St. Louis, has set her sights on an abandoned building at the corner of Wyoming Street and Arkansas Avenue in the Tower Grove East neighborhood.

Talking to Ray Luzier of Korn,, 5.21.13

The Empire (Cafe) Back and Other Dreams of Developer Jason Deem, 5.21.13
Developers on the south side come in all shapes and sizes, with ambitions that vary from single buildings to entire city blocks. In the first of a two-part story, Jason Deem talks about building community.

Talking to Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal, Who Play Live at the Landmark This Weekend,, 5.17.13

Geyer Street Sheiks, Tom Hall and Alice Spencer play it again, 5.16.13
The first reunion came about after Tom Hall broke his collarbone and musicians came together for a fundraiser. Then came two more. Hall simply says, “We decided that it’s fun to pay. We make good music. And people want to hear it.”

14 Reasons to Love Pop’s Blue Moon,, 5.14.13

Updates and Inside Scoops on June’s Pale Divine Reunion Show,, 5.7.13

Tim Rakel offers variety and vinyl
, 5.2.13
A songwriter and radio host, Rakel recently offered a handful of releases for local fans with the launch of Extension Chord Records. His main band is The Union Electric, but he occasionally calls together The May Day Orchestra and The Chainsaw Gentlemen. Oh, and he has two side jobs.

Loop The Loop: The Nearly Indescribable Music of Black James, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 5.1.13

The Bars of 2013,, 4.30.13

Remembering Vince Cali of “World Wide Magazine,”, 4.23.13

Tuning into memories of KDHX, 4.18.13
As community radio station KDHX prepares for a fund-raiser tonight to celebrate its 25 years on the radio, Thomas Crone counts down his 25 most vivid memories of hosting radio shows on the station.

Slideshow: St. Louis Anime Convention 2013, 4.16.13

Johnny Rabbit and Others Remember Gaslight Square—at the Gaslight Theater—This Thursday Night,, 4.9.13

Liquid Gold spins magic at Shanti, 4.4.13
The band’s setlist comes from a wide swath of American music, mostly AM radio music from the 1950s-’70s, though that’s a bit too limiting. Their classic honky-tonk singalongs have audience members humming-to-roaring along. And with every member of the band having decades of live experience, it can essentially play live only – a rare trick.

Out and About: Exploring the Exurban Weirdness of the Regal O’Fallon Stadium 14,, 4.2.13

The Bars of Granite City,, 3.26.13

Jimmy Tebeau is still “Truckin’” While Waiting for the Law, 3.21.13
The bassist plays in the Jerry Garcia Band and has long led The Schwag, one of two Grateful Dead cover bands that grew out of the St. Louis music scene. But Tebeau’s working extra hard now as a couple of months is all he expects to have before the federal appeals court here either sends him to jail or ends his long legal nightmare.

Movies at the Bar: “Snobby Elitist Film Club,” at the Heavy Anchor and “VHS Visions” at the Venice Cafe,, 3.19.13

The Tween Buskers of Tower Grove,, 3.12.13

Loss of Mangia’s Lunch Will Hurt St. Louis Culture, 3.7.13
Within the past two weeks, Mangia Italiano celebrated 30 years in business. And tomorrow, the South Grand establishment will end daytime service, obviously calling an end to the restaurant’s three-decades of serving a pasta buffet. But it is not the loss of food that has the writer in mourning.

Circa Now: A Guided Tour of St. Louis via YouTube,, 3.5.13

Mike Apirion’s Voyage to L.A. and Back Again, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 3.1.13

Talking to Heather Buckley-wilson of B.E.L.L.A. About This Weekend’s Gina Gala,, 2.28.13

Forgotten Places: The Fountain of Youth Park,, 2.26.13

Deja Vu All Over Again with Max Load, 2.21.13
With Rerun Records and BDR Records, Jason Ross has collected the lost music of St. Louis’ ’80s and ’90s and rereleased it to local music fans. The latest blast from the past: a Max Load package that includes just about every tune the band ever recorded.

The Bars of Sutton Boulevard,, 2.19.13

Fat Tuesday: Walkin’ Down Washington Boulevard with the Mystic Knights,, 2.13.13

Ska Reunion Nets Young Rocker from Cape, 2.7.13
Dan Potthast is based in California now, but took off with MU330, a St. Louis band that had a steady following until kids and other aspects of life interrupted. For just a brief set at the Pageant, however, the magic was back.

Slideshow: The Magic Door,, 2.2.13

25 Interesting Facts About the Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze (And Secret Pics From Their Float-Building Compound),, 1.29.13

Danny Liston’s ‘The Brothers’ Is Much More than Allman Tribute, 1.24.13
The Brothers, a seven-piece, all-star band dedicated to playing the music of the Allman Brothers is coming to the Pageant Friday night. This is just one part of what Danny Liston’s doing. Mama’s Pride has returned to a somewhat regular groove and Liston’s new release, “God Used Mississippi,” is unofficially making the rounds.

Talking to Angelo Olegna of Keep Pride in Tower Grove,, 1.22.13

Ian Fisher and The Present Come Home From Europe to Release a Record,, 1.15.13

Slideshow: A Requiem for Powell Square,, 1.7.13

A Year of Living Retro Leads to New Musical Adventures, 1.10.13
Breaking the Second Set mold, Crone tries out experimental music, gives The Schwag another try (and is becoming a convert, maybe) and hears Baby Ghosts and Bruiser Queen at a new North Side venue called Ye Olde Haunt. He recommends that others break their normal musical routines.

The Bars of Alton,, 1.1.13

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’: The “primal, garagey, punk” sound of Bruiser Queen, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 1.1.13

Time for a Finale, But Look for Encores, 12.27.12
It’s been interesting to drop in on people in different stages of life, as they negotiate the necessary and the meaningful. At core, the Second Set series has visited with musicians who may have enjoyed their greatest moments of (relative) fame in the 1980s or 1990s.

Without a Christmas Miracle, Pudd’nhead Books Will Close December 31,, 12.21.12

Jimmy Griffin Schools in Rock, 12.20.12
It’s one thing to be recognized as one of the better guitar players in the area, but Griffin is nurturing a whole new generation of players in the area. Recognizing young rockers is something Crone is also experiencing.

Slideshow: Juggalo Christmas Bash at Pop’s,, 12.18.13

Will Bunnygrunt Survive Karen Ried’s Move?, 12.13.12
Bunnygrunt’s about to log two decades as a creative entity, celebrating with a few high-profile shows. And the band members figure that they’ve weathered a lot of changes, so they can find a way to work around its bassist and co-founder’s move to the outskirts of Cincinnati.

Hanging Out in Festus with Million Hits, Tween Garage Band,, 12.11.12

Vintage Videos Provide Small, Meaningful Pleasures, 12.6.12
“Surf’s Up, Gang” from 1981; “Cornerstone” from 1991; and “Reality Truncated or How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love St Louis” from 1981 (reworked in 2011) are time capsules of the beats of their ages.

Slideshow: The Ruins of the U.S.S. Inaugural, as Revealed by the Receding Mississippi River,, 12.3.12

Wish You Were Here: Our humble writer dons a cop costume to find out what it’s like to go onstage with El Monstero, St. Louis’ most flamboyant Pink Floyd tribute act, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 12.1.13.

Band Member’s Death Adds Gravity to DVD, 11.29.12
“33 1/3 , Earwacks/Wax Theatricks Live at the Gaslight Theater” highlights a single band with two names, five excellent musicians and a really interesting story. Crone talks with two of the band members about what made the group work — and do a reunion.

Autumn Wanderings, Part 4: Cairo, Illinois, 11.28.12

How a Concert Begat a Record, and a Record Begat a Concert: “Eight Nights” and the Second Annual Hanukkah Hullaballoo at Off Broadway,, 11.27.12.

Matt Meyer Gets a Look Back at STL2000, 11.22.12
His 104-minute documentary called “STL 2000” captured the punk scene in St. Louis during that year. We talk with Meyer about that time, the power of YouTube to make old material new again and the young bands he is working with.

Autumn Wanderings, Part 3: Ackert Walkway,, 11.21.12

Typewriter Tim’s Documentary Day: Massages, Glass-Pouring, and a Gig at the Venice,, 11.21.12

The Grove is Booming, But AMP is Missed, 11.15.12
Thomas checks out the Grove, specifically Attitudes, Rehab and Novak’s, and finds a lot going on on a weeknight. But he retains a fondness for a place that’s long gone: the Alternative Music Place and its carrot cake shot, a most-amazing drink.

Autumn Wanderings, Part 2: Fort Belle Fontaine, 11.14.12

Slideshow: On the Trail of One of St. Louis’ Most Prolific—and Controversial—Graffiti Artists,, 11.13.12

A Night with the Guy Who Started the Guns ‘n Roses Riot, 11.8.12
Stump Stephenson was near the stage with his friend Go-Go, photographing the show, as he’d done at dozens of gigs over the years. Of course, the camera wasn’t cleared and when Guns n’ Roses frontman Axl W. Rose saw an avid Stephenson snapping pics during the track “Rocket Queen,” he said a few words, then launched himself into the crowd.

Autumn Wanderings, Part 1: Bellfontaine and Calvary Cemeteries,, 11.7.12

Superjamming in West County,, 11.6.11

Tory Z. Starbuck is Still Evolving, 11.1.11
The number of people who have worked with Tory Z. Starbuck is probably too large to count. And he’s taken on a number of projects over the years, including neXt rAdio, a personnel-shifting group that defined an outer edge of St. Louis’ rock culture between 1990-9, the Tory Starbuck Project and even a role in a silent movie along side Thomas Crone.

Oktober Microbrewery Crawl, Part 5: Ferguson Brewing Company,, 10.31.12

Halloween’s Stag Nite at the Crack Fox Weds New Bands to Old(er) Music,, 10.30.12

Photos Flash Back to Gaslight Heyday, 10.25.12
All the work Thomas Crone put into his “Gaslight Square: An Oral History” (2004) came back to him when he saw the new exhibit at Joe’s Cafe Gallery: It current show is dedicated to Gaslight Square, with paintings from Frank Moskus and his son, Joe, and, photographs by Thelma Blumberg. Crone has a special connection with one of those photos.

Oktober Microbrewery Crawl, Part 4: Buffalo Brewing Company,, 10.24.12

Checking Out the Very First Maplewood Chickenfest,, 10.23.12

New ‘Recording’ From a Band That Isn’t Fully Back Together, 10.18.12
The Unconscious, which came out of Clayton High School, had roots in funk, but deeper ones than many of the groups at that moment. The band eventually splintered before reforming, part-time, in 1998. It hasn’t played a gig in two years, but it has a new “album” available on iTunes and elsewhere on line.

Oktober Microbrewery Crawl, Part 3: Exit 6,, 10.17.12

Making the Rounds of Archon 36,, 10.16.12

Slideshow: Artica at Closing Time,, 10.15.12

Jacobsymeyer Tavern Prompts Memory of Enormous Richard, 10.11.12
Enormous Richard had shifting membership and an unusual songwriting pedigree. It split in two some years ago, one group keeping the initials and becoming Eleanor Roosevelt. That band of musicians has a new recording and will be in the area later this year, including a gig at Jacobsmeyer in Granite City.

Oktober Microbrewery Crawl: 4 Hands Brewery,, 10.10.12

The Return of Paint Louis, as Told in Three Acts,, 10.9.12

Anna Church, Art Student and SLU Biliken Volleyball Player, Debuts her Work at RAW:natural born artists,, 10.4.12

Another Dose of Painkillers is a Good Thing, 10.4.12
When vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Barbush died, there seemed to be no chance that the ’80s rockers would reform. But with help from some friends, the group is back and its sound is evolving from the St. Louis rock’n’pop past.

Oktober Microbrewery Tour, Part 1: Morgan Street Brewery,, 10.3.12

Vintage Vinyl Keeps the Music Playing, 9.27.12
You want classic rock? New stuff? St. Louis bands? Old jazz? Vintage Vinyl has been an anchor for the Loop and for music fans. We talk with people who work there now as well as one of the founders as the shop gets ready to celebrate 33 years in business.

Urban Exploration Week IV: MacArthur Bridge,, 9.26.12

One Fan’s Highlights: Judge Nothing, The Bishops and Autumn Clock Reunion Show at Spirits in Alton,, 9.25.12

Rob Wagoner Saves Music of Decades Past, 9.20.12
His archaeological work in recent months has revolved around a pair of old-school editing rigs, which he’s used to rip dozens of three-quarter-inch tapes that had been sitting in basements and storage closets all over town. He can claim some responsibility for new interest in Judge Nothing, the Bishops and Autumn Clock.

Urban Exploration Week III: Fire at 3400 Juniata Street,, 9.19.12

A Travelogue: St. Louis’ 3 a.m. Bars,, 9.18.12

Rewinding Days of Wax and Vinyl, 9.13.12
Many younger music fans may never have stepped foot in a record store, but for a certain generation making the rounds of record shops was part of a weekend ritual. Crone talks with two who worked at West End Wax during the glory days of neighborhood music stores.

Urban Exploration Week II: Armour and Hunter Plants, Revisited,, 9.12.12

Henry Mowgli of Popular Culture: New York by Way of Austin, Austin by Way of St. Louis,, 9.11.12

This LucaBrasi is Set to Swim with U2, 9.6.12
The members of local rock band LucaBrasi have been getting ready for An Under Cover Weekend by honing in on a band they agreed would be fun to tackle: none other than U2. While most groups attempt to keep a tight lid on preparations for the event, LucaBrasi had me by practice last week, while it was honing six-songs into a very tight, very right setlist.

St. Louis Urban Exploration, Part 1: The Old Sts. Mary & Joseph School Demolition,, 9.5.12

Robin Wheeler-Barber Chases Woody Guthrie During his 100th Year,, 9.4.12

Exploring St. Louis Indie Businesses, Part 5: Pawn King and Herman’s Pawn Shop in Collinsville, Illinois,, 8.31.12

Oliver Sain’s Hidden New Wave Connection, 8.30.12
It was Crone’s own band, If It Said. The goal was to find a cheap place to record some tracks. The result was a meeting with a bone fide St. Louis musical legend. But the kids from St. Louis County didn’t realize their luck until decades later.

In Defense of the Big Dumb Rock Show: Def Leppard at the Chaifetz Arena,, 8.28.12

Hi-Pointe Ranked High on List of Local Music Clubs, 8.23.12
Catching a young band, with lots of promise … that’s always the appeal of being young and just showing up at various clubs for a low-cover look-see. And the Hi-Pointe was a great place to do just that. Of course, it was also a fine place to people watch.

Exploring St. Louis Indie Businesses, Part 4: Livery Company,, 8.22.12

Remembering Tim Mize,, 8.21.12

City Museum and Music and Magic, 8.16.12
Looking back on memories that include punk-funk pioneers Fishbone, artist Sharon von Senden, Midwest Mayhem, The Cabin Inn, and a boxing match unlike any other. There also memories very few could share such as a tresspassed look at Cementland and the world inside the museum after hours.

Exploring St. Louis Indie Businesses, Part 3: Brock Auto Parts & Recycling,, 8.15.12

Artica: Scoping Out an Arts Fest on the Near North Side,, 8.13.12

Voice of God, Phone Videos or Slick Productions, 8.9.12
An old home video shows shock rockers Voice of God playing Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots with a photographer’s son. Now bands have smoothly produced videos up almost as soon as they are formed. The old stuff may be hard, if not impossible to find. But when you do, it’s real and raw.

The St. Louis Jury Duty Culture Walk,, 8.7.12

Exploring St. Louis Indie Businesses, Part 2: Abode Coffee House,, 8.7.12

Fortune Teller Bar Resurrection is Part of Cherokee Rebirth, 8.2.12
There’s been a buzz of activity at 2635 Cherokee, the onetime and future home to the Fortune Teller Bar. The current version’s brought together a trio of highly connected South Side residents and scene-makers, all tied into the bar, film, music and cultural scenes of St. Louis.

Exploring St. Louis Indie Businesses, Part 1: The Archive,, 8.1.12

A Decade Of Interactions and Intersections with George Malich,, 7.27.12

Blake Brokaw Statue Missing from Washington Avenue, 7.26.12
After a quick turn with the fun lunch spot Acme in 1995, Brokaw found a shotgun space near the corner of 14th and Washington in 1996, and began Tangerine. Before the big-ticket improvements, Tangerine offered the block a destination, a lights-on-nightly landmark.

Celebrating a St. Louis Staycation, Part 4: Garlic Fest,, 7.25.12

The Bars of South Kingshighway,, 7.24.12

Three Bars Reflect Different Times and Places, 7.19.12
The Way Out Club, Dino’s Bungalow Bar and Faces provided iconic moments for our rock voyageur. He still may stop in at Way Out and find the same vibe. But the Bungalow, where he mingled with an older set, is a memory. And the most vivid memories are from Faces, an all-night gay dance club on the East Side.

Celebrating a St. Louis Staycation, Part 3: Three Undiscovered Forest Park Attractions,, 7.18.12

Heat Leads to a VHS Purge, 7.12.12
On Monday, a visit was paid to one of the few local record shops, Apop, that still buys-and-sells VHS tapes. Who collects these things? We find out, along with word that once the collecting gene has manifest itself, it will forever stick.

Celebrating a St. Louis Staycation, Part 2: Civil Life Brewing Company,, 7.11.12

“The Midwest’s Monster Truck Version of Pink Floyd”: El Monstero at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre,, 7.10.12

Renick’s ‘Up in the Air’ Moment Remains Inspirational, 7.5.12
A struggling songwriter, recently released from a copy-editing job, passes an old-school cassette tape to director Jason Reitman. Within days, the two are talking about a song Kevin Renick wrote, “Up in the Air,” which matched mood of Reitman’s film, also “Up in the Air.”

Celebrating a St. Louis Staycation, Part 1: Plush in Midtown Offers a Unique Club Experience,, 7.4.12

It Takes More Than Two to Tango: Sunday Night Milongas at the Ritz-Carlton in Clatyon,, 7.2.12

Ultraman has had an Ultralong Career, 6.27.12
Ultraman’s been blessed with two players who’ve been there since the beginning: vocalist Tim Jamison and guitarist Rob Wagoner. The band’s first era ended on Dec. 30, 1991, as the group played a sold-out show at Mississippi Nights. It’s still going, however, and Jamison and Wagoner tell the tale.

St. Louis Festival Recaps, Part 4: St. Louis PrideFest 2012,, 6.27.12

Aquitaine Releases Its Debut EP, “American Pulverizer,” This Friday at the Firebird,, 6.25.12

The Bishops Rocked the Region, Post Punk, 6.20.12
Among the finest rock bands of this region over the past 25, or so, years, The Bishops could rightly lay claim to that well-worn riff: “We deserved a better fate.” We catch up with three of the four members of the classic lineup.

St. Louis Summer Festivals, Part 3: St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival,, 6.20.12

Singer/Songwriter Ben Kaplan—AKA The Vaad—Releases “Kissing the Sea on the Lips,”, 6.18.12

Michael Schaerer Went from Owning the Place to Being in His Own Space, 6.13.12
Flashback to the late ’80s and the stuff of legend: Schaerer, charismatic frontman of The Eyes, rides up to the front of the venue on his motorcycle, disembarks, walks through the audience to the stage, then climbs to the top of the PA stack. The crowd, as they say, goes wild.

Festival Month Recaps, Part 2: The 20th Annual Pagan Picnic in Tower Grove Park,, 6.13.12

The Bars of St. Charles Rock Road,, 6.11.12

Real Rock Provided by Mark Thomas Quinn, 6.7.12
There’s a second classic rock radio station in town, and Thomas goes to the voice of El Monstero and other classic tributes to talk about the St. Louis rock scene back in the day and the city venerates the golden age.

Festival Month Recaps, Part 1: The 25th Annual Horseradish Festival, Woodland Park, Collinsville,, 6.6.12

Out & About: Meat Shoot Saturdays at The Office,, 6.4.12

A Fight That Never Was Leads to Roxy’s, 5.31.12
Once upon a time, Thomas Crone was doing a little amateur boxing and walked away from the chance to go a couple of rounds with a now-ranked fighter. That missed opportunity eventually led to ruminations on interesting little gigs and a strip joint in Brooklyn.

Discovering New and Old St. Louis Eateries, Part 5: St. Louis Pho,, 5.30.12

St. Louis For Sale,, 5.28.12

Talking with the Queen of the Scene, 5.24.12
Vocalist/guitarist Morgan Nusbaum and drummer Jason Potter — who make up Bruiser Queen — release their new CD, “Swears,” this Friday at Vintage Vinyl. Listening to parts of it over the internet, Crone decides to learn more aboutup-and-coming St. Louis rockers.

Discovering New and Old St. Louis Eateries, Part 4: Three Kings Public House,, 5.23.12

Confessions of a Graffiti Artist: Tron on the Tagging of St. Mary’s,, 5.21.12

Zebra. A Love Affair in Three Takes, 5.17.12
Randy Jackson at The House of Rock brought back the guilty pleasure of “Tell Me What You Want.” But then, there’s no reason to feel guilty about loving a song like that, a song that broke as prog, hair metal and new wavey-pop combined into a glorious, radio-ready stew.

Discovering New and Old St. Louis Eateries, Part 3: Mango Peruvian Cuisine,, 5.16.12

Trippin’ Down Memory Lane with the Trip Daddies,, 5.14.12

Shooting Gomez, For the Love of Flyers, 5.10.12
That’s shooting, as in taking a picture. Click through and discover how a love affair with concert flyers has led to a campaign to make an obscure chihuahua (scavanged from a California light post decades ago) the equal of the ubiquitous garden gnome.

Discovering St. Louis: Molldeli’s Delicatessen in South County Might be Your New Favorite Place,, 5.9.12

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre’s “Star Trek: Live!”,, 5.7.12

Frederick’s Had a Private Club Feel, But What a Strange Club it Was, 5.3.12
Surrounded by a crazy-quilt of wall decorations, a full-sized, dead tree inside the doorway and a tiki hut over the bar, the stage in Frederick’s second life would become one of the most sought-after destinations for young bands in St. Louis.

Discovering New and Old St. Louis Eateries, Part 1: Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium,, 5.2.12

B-Sides: New Line Theatre Gives “High Fidelity” a Second Theatrical Life,, 4.30.12

Something Ventured, Judge Nothing Gained, 4.26.12
Call it a mini-odyssey following Judge Nothing that wound up encompassing six events, at five venues across four counties. Along the way are detours through St. Charles, pizza and drinks in Alton, and any number of musical misadventures.

Night Bike Riding in St. Louis Puts the Senses to Work, Even Close to Home,, 4.25.12

The Bars of South Broadway,, 4.23.12

At Pop’s, A Part-Time Band Living it Full-Time, 4.19.12
Last Friday, two women stood near the front door of Pop’s, one consoling the other about a no-good man. At a lot of bars, this scene plays itself out on a given night. At Pop’s, that Illinois institution of wee hour activity, it’s one of those simple indicators that you’re home.

Route 66 State Park: A Ghost Town Reborn and Repurposed,, 4.18.12

Brothers Lazaroff Have a New Record Out—and a Whole Bunch of Shows Booked, Too,, 4.16.12

Dear John’s 45 rpm Love Letter to St. Louis, 4.12.12
Two-thirds of the power pop trio Dear John will be at Vintage Vinyl’s Record Store Day April 21. LA-based Robert Kuhlmann and drummer Larry Wilke, a St. Louis city police officer, are reuniting, but make it clear that it’s not Dear John without bassist George Schneller, who can’t make the show.

Discovering the Best Places for Outdoor Reading Experiences in St. Louis,, 4.11.12

Miss International Pillow Fight Day in Forest Park? Here’s a Recap (and Some Pics),, 4.9.12

The Urge Brings Back the Crazy, 4.5.12
In an outlying building of a metal works facility in the heart of South City, the kind of place where a band can get loud, for hours at a time, you can find six band members remixing old and creating new. the group fused ska and funk into their rock’n’rolll.

Discovering the Past Through the Present at Woodhenge in Cahokia Mounds,, 4.4.12

Open/Closed Conference Gives St. Louis a Peek at Doc-in-Progress, “Spanish Lake”,, 4.2.12

Construction Never Stops at Venice Cafe, 3.29.12
Jeff Locheed looks back on almost 24 years of creating the wild and crazy venue at Pestalozzi and Lemp. The musical memories are almost as colorful as the mosaics that glitter throughout a patio that keeps expanding.

A Misadventure in Four Parts: Attending Govinda’s Vegetarian Feast,, 3.28.12

Big Support for Injured Actor and Musician, Peter “Li’l Pete” Kruchowski,, 3.26.12

Dave Simon’s Gone from Kid Rocker to Kidzrocker, 3.22.12
What started at Clayton High School went through some well-regarded local bands, the pilot for “Real World,” Bay-area rocking and back to St. Louis. His new band was tour-worthy, but Simon was settled, so settled he started a school, a rock school.

Project Watch II: Brett Underwood and Née Make Videos, With a Pinch of First Punch,, 3.21.12

Riding Out a Rainstorm at Kirkwood’s Christian Science Reading Room,, 3.21.12

Matt Kindt on Super Spy, MIND MGMT, Snooze Buttons, and Being “Comic Book Famous”,, 3.19.12

A Celebration of the Single Life, 3.15.12
Some of the smartest minds in local music retailing explain what makes the 45 such a lovely little keepsake and what to look for. Does the label look cool? Are funk, jam, groove or beat in the title? Plus, Crone picks 10 at the top of his stack.

A Sunday at the Ethical Society of St. Louis,, 3.14.12

“Reclaimed Spaces: Picnics” Breaks Out the Checkered Tablecloth for the Closing of the Pruitt-Igoe Now Design Competition,, 3.12.12

The Sudden Descent of ‘Jet Lag’, 3.8.12
That “Jet Lag” kept publishing, at all, gave all it credibility in a field in which so many enter, yet so few survive. We talk with Toby Weiss, who worked her way into enhancing the zine and being its last actual publisher.

New Traditions Meet Old at the First Unitarian Unfish Fry,, 3.7.12

Out and About: St. Louis Record and CD Collector’s Show at the American Czech Hall,, 3.5.12

Weber’s Return Reinvigorates Love of Music Discovery, 3.1.12
James Weber Jr., who manages a Euclid Records outpost in New Orleans, brought a gift in a winter trip to St. Louis. A purple cassette, the self-titled “The Museum Mutters” contains songs have all-time-favorite potential.

Trader Bob’s on South Jefferson Continues its Legacy as One of the Oldest and Most Famous Tattoo Shops in the Country,, 2.19.12

Hanging With Dave Farver of Superjam, A.K.A. “Mr. Saxophone”,, 2.27.12

They Won’t Get Fooled Again, 2.23.12
Mark Cook, Peter Lang and Casey Carmody, at some point in their late teens and early 20s began assembling their own little family, based initially in music, now locked into that and so much more.

Pudd’nhead Books Thrives in New Webster Groves Location,,2.22.12

Dana Smith Draws Together Music, Photography and Painting, 2.16.12
At Fort Gondo, Smith has been showing off nearly a decade’s worth of work chronicling the weird and wonderful St. Louis music scene, usually highlighting the smaller venues and musicians that aren’t as heralded as their talent deserves. The show ends this weekend.

Joe’s Shoe Repair: Broken English, Unbroken Shoes,, 2.15.12

The Bars of Manchester,, 2.13.12

A Home Life with Widows, 2.9.12
At Fort Gondo, Smith has been showing off nearly a decade’s worth of work chronicling the weird and wonderful St. Louis music scene, usually highlighting the smaller venues and musicians that aren’t as heralded as their talent deserves.

Revisiting Classic Commerce at Paul’s Bait ‘n’ Tackle on Chippewa,, 2.8.12

Tim-O Attempts to Make Some Scary-Good Music (And Movies),, 2.6.12

In the Midst of Judge Nothing’s Rebirth, 2.2.12
Judge Nothing played its last gig on Feb. 2, 1997, at the well-regarded rock club The 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. The Alton-based group, which had been instrumental in transforming the rock scene in St. Louis, had enough. But the trio got back together for rehearsals this weekend.

Fenton’s Past and Farming’s Future Mix at the Historic Fenton Feed Mill,, 2.1.12

Rock Steady: How Jeff Frelich Became Professor Skank: Becoming one of reggae’s true believers, St. Louis Magazine, 2.1.12

Project Watch I: East St. Louis Doorways and Flaming Typewriters: A peek at two projects, from Type Tim Jordan’s new videos to Dan O’Saben’s Doors photo project. Originally published on 1.30.12.

Ground Zero of Hipness, 1.26.12
Troubadour Dali recording in analogue at David Beeman’s Native Sound studio, just off Cherokee: That checks off quite a few boxes on the St. Louis cool list.

Being the Saint Louis University Billiken: For the second time in my life, I spent an afternoon in a Billiken’s suit. Hot! Originally published on 1.25.12.

Historic St. Louis Kite Company Gets a Second Wind: Alox Kites and Firecracker Press combine forces. Originally published on 1.23.12.

The Cassette Tape as Memory Machine, 1.19.12
First, you have to know that the author has a tape player in his car. And he uses it. This is not a curse because he reconnects with treasures from the past including the winning pop song “Thanks to Gravity” by Joe Thebeau and the band, AOK.

Granite City Cinema Becomes America’s Cultural Battleground: A visit to the GCC, to see Sherlock Holmes, no less. With original pic. Published on 1.18.12.

Paradise by the iPhone Lights: St. Louis Poet Jason Braun Creates the Definitive (and First?) John Milton App: Think the title spells it out. Originally published on 1.17.12.

A Hidden Rock and Martini Connection, 1.12.12
Paul “Pablo” Weiss was already operating Hot Locust Cantina and the Side Door when he decided St. Louis was ready for “a more intimate martini thing.” The concept worked for an interesting couple of years when the hip and the wanna-bes drank side-by-side.

The Murphy Building’s Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down in East St. Louis: What the title suggests. We went and visited and took an original pic and video. Originally published on 1.11.12.

One Special Night: How a Hanukkah Show Turned into the Wildly-Varied Eight Nights Release: The Brothers Lazaroff and friends create a Hannukah release through an Off Broadway show. Originally published on 1.10.12.

Bill Boll and the Punk Disco Raid, 1.5.12
In the first installment in a new series looking back at the history of rock and punk in St. Louis, Thomas Crone returns to the Bernard Pub at Lafayette and Thurman (now a vacant lot) and songwriter Bill Boll who was at the pub when the police crashed the scene.

Palm Tuesday: No Better Time for a New Outlook Than a New Year’s Fortune-Telling Session: A visit to an Affton palmist. With original (and dark!) pic. Originally published on 1.4.12.

Killing Time: The Rise of Soul-Funk All-Stars Superhero Killer: A look at the new STL funk band. Originally published on 1.3.12.








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