Art Book?

There’s an art book of mine going around town.

Current person in possession, unknown.

Return, appreciated, as I have been without it for so long.


Needs. We all got ’em.

Here’s my current list of needs. How can you help me?

I need a small boat, which can access about 30-feet of calm Mississippi River water. And another boat that can go out about 100-yards into same waterway, where the current’s much more active.

I need access to a funeral parlor on three, maybe four, Saturdays this fall. An out-of-business funeral parlor would be ideal.

I need someone to help me figure out how to hook up a PXL2000 camera to a Flip.

I need to contact some people. And I need some to contact me. Are you one? Let’s talk.

There are more, but let’s keep things focused an lean: boat, funeral parlor, Pixelvision, communication.


The monthly does of varied tips, raves, gripes and miscellaneous musings of mid-quality will return in July, after the month of June off. During that just-passed month, I shoveled mega-amounts of coal into these fine places:

I leave you, though, with a trailer clip from the greatest show on television, Silent Library, which has replaced soccer in the center of my heart: