Clips (’68-’05)

Mad haPPy with Rob Getzshcman and Jonathan Toth from Hoth,, 4.16.03

Bob Log III with Bebe and Serge,,, 4.9.03

Bump and Grind – Strip-club disc jockeys spin to the beats of different drummers,, 4.9.03

Picastro with Bluebbery McGregor,, 2.19.03

Thwak-ed Out,, 1.22.03

Al Stewart,, 1.15.03

MU330,, 1.8.03

Kristeen Young with Larissa Dalle,, 12.25.02

I Am the World Center with the Brown Company,, 11.20.02

The Defense Never Rests,, 11.20.02

Frank Morey,, 10.30.02

Fojimoto with Tinhorn,, 10.2.02

Meg Lee Chin with Chris Connelly,, 9.11.02

Short Cuts,, 7.7.99

Short Cuts,, 6.30.99

Hit Parade,, 6.30.99

Hit Parade,, 6.23.99

Hit Parade,, 6.16.99

Boy Wonder, Miami New Times, 6.10.99

Hit Parade,, 6.9.99

The New Frontier,, 6.2.99

Hit Parade,, 6.2.99

Night & Day,, 5.26.99

Listening Post,, 5.26.99

Hit Parade,, 5.26.99

Boy Wonder,, 5.26.99

Hit Parade,, 5.19.99

Lights Out – Despite the efforts of rehabber Patrick Schneider, the notion of a Gaslight Square revival seems to be running short on both time and money,, 5.19.99

Hit Parade,, 5.12.99

Hit Parade,, 5.5.99

Hit Parade,, 4.28.99

Hit Parade,, 4.21.99

Hit Parade,, 4.14.99

Hit Parade,, 4.7.99

Hit Parade,, 3.31.99

Youth Movement,, 3.24.99

Hit Parade,, 3.24.99

Nothin’ But Net – An obsession with basketball takes CBC seniors Ryan Johnson and D.J. Hogue through a successful — but heartbreaking — season,, 3.24.99

Hit Parade,, 3.17.99

Hit Parade,, 3.10.99

Radio Active: WGNU-AM hosts Virginia McCarthy and Ray Ytzaina field phone calls fast and furious from their devoted listeners,, 3.3.99

News Real,, 3.3.99

Listening Post,, 3.3.99

On With the Show – Latter-day vaudevillian Danny O’Day hasn’t let changing tastes or the loss of his beloved Gaslight Square keep him from his life’s work,, 2.17.99

Listening Post,, 2.10.99

Eat In, Carry Out – Even as the new Courtesy Diner welcomes its very first customers, Irv’s Grill slings its last hash after a 50-year run,, 2.10.99

Not Fade Away – Retired barber George Tucker stays active by cutting hair for the homeless,, 2.3.99

Local Time,,, 1.27.99

Submission Control,, 1.27.99

Listening Post,, 1.20.99

Listening Post,, 1.13.99

The Final Bell – The passing of wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick rekindles interest in the wrestling days of yore,, 1.13.99

1998: The Year in Sports,, 1.6.99

1998: The Year in Music,, 1.6.99

News Real,, 1.6.99

The Last Picture Show,, 12.30.98

Jesus on the Go – Woodson Terrace finds a simple but novel solution to the problem posed by having a nativity scene on public property ,, 12.23.98

Local Time,,, 12.16.98

Soulard’s Favorite Sons: Two different artists, two different nights, one (kinda) similar theme,, 12.16.98

Net Return,, 12.16.98

News Real,, 12.9.98

One for the Ages – With son Bob at his side, multi-instrumentalist Bill Row continues a lifetime of making music for the people,, 12.9.98

Aspect History, St. Louis Journalism Review, 7.91

Extreme Tuna,, 12.2.98

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