Coming soon

So exciting! 52nd City’s are at the print shop. Here, the covers are being given color and are sorted down, compliments of John @ the Firecracker Press.


One week from tonight: Riley’s, 7-9 p.m. See you there for the “Drink” release.

Update: it’s been brought to my attention that the World Series will be taking place on the same evening, so I’ll bring it to your attention that Riley’s does have a plasma. Admittedly, it’s one, not the 120 of some sports bar, but you’ve only got one sets of eyes, so I suggest that the setup at Riley’s is just right. We’ll be there with mags whether this conspiracy robs of us of patrons, or not.

St. Louis Stars: info sought

Last night, I watched “Once in the Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos,” a tearjerking doc on the glamor team of the old NASL. (Yes, I did tear up. Mock if you will.)

The viewing made me remember a post not posted: though a slightly obscure request, if you happen to know anyone who was in any way involved with the old St. Louis Stars soccer team, please let me know. Whether they be a player, front office staffer or associated with the squad in another capacity, I’m looking for interviews for a developing project. Figure that the old “big-city-small-town effect” could come in handy here. Thanks.

October clips

A tad late in getting this one out, but such is life.

First piece for in some time, with pics. It’s in the new fall edition of the web zine.

Also, a story on Finn’s Motel in the new Sauce.

Plus a story on Mike Steinberg and the Webster U. Film Series in St. Louis Magazine.

Various post clips on Saturday.

And online at each Monday and Friday.

Some photos, but no writing, in the next edition of 52nd City, available next week.

New role at Webster U.

Apparently, I am now the faculty sponsor for the inline roller hockey club at Webster University. I have never seen the group play, nor do I even know where they skate, nor am I convinced an adjunct can sign off on such a move.

My introduction to this athletic unit was via an e-mail with a former student, who was recommended to me by a current student because, apparently, I’m “kinda cool and into sports.” That I can live with. The student getting the signature, a member of the club, I assume, got that Hancock after simply walking into my class during session. That I cannot live with. Having never experienced such an odd, on-campus “howdy-do,” I simply tossed my name down in ink and shooshed him from the room. Man. Kids today.

Guess things are as official as they’re going to be. I will certainly announce upcoming… matches? Games? What do roller hockey players play, exactly?

So, nothing to add but: “Go, go, Gorloks.”

Late spin

Filling in for Chris King this Monday night @ some bar, 3132 So. Kingshighway. Spinning from 10:05 p.m. – 1:12 a.m. I am falling dangerously behind on my Netflix.