Again with the meta

Recently, I’ve found that by peering at one person’s site, I could find links to sites of other people. On one such web exploration, I found the following line:

“Post flickr-ing I’ve discovered someone who ‘collects’ pictures of green walls.”

I would like to meet this person.

Pledge pitching

‘Tis the time to pledge pitch.

Thursday, 10 a.m.-noon, “Greaser’s Lunchbox,” with host Al Swacker (done)

Friday, noon-2 p.m., “Bob’s Scratchy Records,” with host Bob Reuter (finito)

Friday, 8-10 p.m., “Ska’s the Limit,” with host Paul Stark (success)

Monday, 7:30-8:00, “The Wire,” with co-host Amanda Doyle, plus Barroom Bob (check)

(Another) Friday, 8-10 p.m., “Ska’s the Limit,” with host Paul Stark

Rub two nickels together for your boy, TC.


Interesting week in publishing. Or, at least, enjoying previous publishing projects.

The Missouri History Museum’s research library requested a standing subscription to 52nd City, copies of which were duly delivered to the Skinker location. (Did I mention that the third print edition will out next month? Did I?)

Also, the book “Gaslight Square: An Oral History” was cited and quoted from, in the recent book by Dennis Owsley, “City of Gabriels: The History of Jazz in St. Louis, 1985-1973” (Reedy Press). His chapter on Gaslight Square’s music was the place, obviously, where the “GS: AOH” material was most used. Must say, I enjoyed Dennis’ book a great deal, esp. the late chapters on Gaslight and on the Black Artists Group. Reading the latter chapter sent me on a short photo hunt; you can find the results of that outing via the flickr tab to the right.

Thus ends today’s meta-posting.

Picture frames

On the off-chance that some of you are involved in the same, years-old hobby that I’ve undertaken – the cleaning out of the basement – I’m curious if you’ve found some old picture frames? Large ones, small ones, really funky and weird ones.

If so and if you can bear to part with them, let me know. We could even discuss a small financial transfer, depending on the piece.

I’m looking for picture frames, dig? Odd ones, rogues, the orphans of your basement.

“Taste for Tunes”

So Amanda Doyle and myself are tabbed to be at Van Goghz this Wednesday night, our appearance there part of the KDHX “Taste for Tunes” benefit. I imagine arriving about 6 p.m. and staying until basketball calls a few blocks away. Please consider dining out that evening, whether at Van Goghz, or elsewhere, in support of the station. A full list of restaurants is available at

Enjoy your evening.