Drums for sale

I am actively selling off my childhood-into-early-adulthood. So, unbar the basement door! All memories must go!


Pearl Fiberglass Drum Kit
Four piece, black, 1980’s-vintage drum kit with cymbals, stands and hardware (plus cymbal and hardware cases).

Specs, drums: kick drum, 22×14″; floor tom, 16×16″; rack tom, 13×9″; Pearl snare, 14×5″.
Specs, cymbals: Sabian 23″ ride; 14″ hi-hats, 16″ crash and 12″ splash; Wuhan 18″ China.

All corresponding hardware included: multiple, double-braced Pearl (standard) and Rogers (boom) cymbal stands, plus kick pedal and hi-hat stand/pedal, drum keys, etc.

Kit was purchased in the last year of the Pearl fiberglass run, from 1973-1983. Despite years, kit has been played relatively little and the set could serve as a solid secondary/home kit, a club’s open mic kit, or as a very playable beginner’s/youth set-up; that said, this kit has been played out as recently as last Christmas. Very little exterior surface marking, aside from some minor scrapes/nicks. Cymbals are in very good shape; like kit, they need a TLC cleaning. New top heads needed. Stands are in great shape and, with the cymbals, are probably worth as much as the kit, itself. Original owner of all pieces.

Have researched prices online and at Drum HQ and would like $500.00 for the whole lot. Would prefer not to sell in parts.

(I also have a set of both congas and bongos, each with stands, fwiw. Tell your hippie friends.)

Please pass along, if you know of a potential interested party. Thanks.

Contact: thomas @ 52ndcity.com.


Had a chance to visit the Carondelet Coke Plant this past week and found the usual mix of elements, inc. natural (deer, rabbits), industrial (freight trains, barges) and human (on motorbikes). While there, I also tracked the enigmatic local performance poet, Bodybagman. You can punch in his name on YouTube, now, and Myspace, by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, some snaps can be found by clicking on the flickr button on the right.


Thank you to whoever may’ve left a bag of delicious, crunchy chocolate chip cookies on my front porch yesterday afternoon. A sweet treat and oh-so-enigmatic.

It is a slight wonder that my hoosier neighbors didn’t snack on them first.

52nd City: BBQ and site issues

Second things first: a few readers have noted some glitches in the 52nd City blog in recent days. I can tell you that three new posts went up today and they’re accessible via the August 2007 link on the left side of the page. Please access the site through there, as we sort out the frontpage issues. Thanks.

Also, many thanks to Off Broadway and the Chippewa Chapel for last night’s BBQ Benefit for the mag. Though a few folks made this possible, extra thanks to Justin Brown, for taking over primary grilling duties on a warm, summer’s night. Even as the club scene around town is going through a period of club addition, rather than subtraction, Off Broadway should be safe, since you can tell there’s a tangible sense of community around that space. Last night confirmed that for me. Great club, fueled by solid folks.