Shots from Fragile’s T-day show at Pop’s can be found on the Directory and Live pages of www.fragileporcelainmice.com. (Blogger’s not letting me hotlink. Aarah.)

Too cool.

I’m in love

With my Nikon D50, of course.

Attended the Fragile Porcelain Mice show at Pop’s tonight and grabbed what images I could, over a few hours.

Would love to get my hearing back. Until then, I’ll sort through pics. And, since blogger won’t load a doggone photo here, I’ll stick ’em over at my flickr page, accessible to the right.

All good (and bad) things shall pass

If only I had a nickel for every time that someone said, “Thomas, let me know when the fine soccer team you coach is playing again, as I’d like to attend an exciting match.” Why, I’d have exactly 70-cents, as I’ve heard this phrase – or one close to it – an exact 14 times this autumn.

Sadly, some might say, the campaign will come to its seasonal conclusion this Saturday, with a 10:45 donnybrook against the St. Margaret of Scotland Dragons. Though our team is sitting with a somewhat dowdy mark of 3-11, when these two teams tangle, you can throw the records out. Why it only seems like yesterday that the Cabrini squad was on the verge of its only win of the 2005 baseball season, up two runs to St. Mags, only to see the Shaw sqaud overtake our Cabrinis in the fifth inning, mere moments before a lightning storm halted play. (You could not make this stuff up.)

At any rate, baseball’s done, basketball’s still a week away and soccer’s the sport of the day. If for only one more day, this Saturday. At 10:45 a.m., Willmore Park field #1, just north of the intersection of Gravois and Hampton in South City.

Who’s there? And who’s buying me a victory sip?

(Thanks to the handful of non-Cabrinis who came out to the game, a rather lopsided 8-1 affair. No victory sips. Such is life. Now: indoor tourney season!)

(Special bonus update. The Cabrinis, replete with a couple ringers, were participants in the Soccerdome Turkey Shootout, coming out on the wrong end of these results: 8-0, 15-0, 8-0 and, somewhat remarkably, 8-0. As one sage parent commented, I made back almost all of my deposit, the kids had fun and no one was hurt.)

Another “The Wire”

Though it feels like Sunday night, it’s now Monday morning and, thus, I can safely say that “tonight’s show” on KDHX will feature Anna Roland and friends, discussing and playing in equal measure. That’s all set for 88.1 fm at 7:30 cst. Folk music, bike tours, politics, conversation and such.

If I had six more blogs…

… then I’d be tied with Steven L. Patterson! Just keeding.

If I had six more blogs, I mention the Kick Ass Awards ceremony tonight, six more times. But I just have this one. And that other one, the one with more info on the Kick Ass Awards ceremony tonight.

See you, perhaps?


New album, “See You on the Other Side,” due Dec. 6.


What do I do to avoid distraction until then?

Board op

I’m been drafted into KDHX service this Thursday evening, between 7-8 p.m., sitting at the controls for this week’s edition of “Literature for the Halibut.” It’ll be a night for half the town’s poets to be found in action, as detailed over at 52nd City. If you listen, I’ll promise to not share my innermost feelings in the form of free-verse.