Settling in

First post from the new office space above the Hartford Coffee Company, in scenic South City. For years, this kind of venue seemed a needless extra, but with work contintually grinding to a halt in the home setting, it proved nothing less than essential. A few days in, the results have been okay. Conversely, perhaps, the people-watching has gotten even better. Idle moments at the window, gazing at the intersection of Roger and Hartford, is nothing if not a curious glance at life’s rich pageant. (Ray Brewer’s down on the patio, yukking it up, right now.)

By the way, if you have a bookshelf you’d like to sell me, or some kitschy art, drop a line.

And, by all means, buy yourself an Ergo-mat Memory Foam Mouse Mat. Your wrists will thank you.

(Aug. 9 update: dag!)

3 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I’m interested to read how your out-of-home office works out. I’ve steered away from working at home (except for short bouts when necessary) because I’m afraid I’ll miss the interaction with grownups. Your location sounds ideal though, since, if starved for conversation you can grab a cup of coffee and chat. Does it help, as I imagine in my windowless, industrial green office, being able to peoplewatch, at least?

  2. Pics, please! I must see what the “office” of a writer looks like!!! Dark and sparse like Sam Spade’s office? Plush and victorian like Holmes’ study? Dusty and cluttered like any olde apothecary’s shoppe? Or perhaps stacked from floor to ceiling with books like the late Gorey’s entire house? Inquiring readers want to see!

  3. Once I sort out some early difficulties with the wi-fi connection, all will be well. It’s a pleasure to be a workspace, of sorts, again.

    As for the look of the place, I’m still about a week away from having a digital camera to call my own. I can say the room has the three aesthetic principles of any decorating project of mine: funky contemporary, junktique, and on-sale.

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