Like so many of you, I caught ’80s supergroup Asia at Pop’s last night. Though calling the band a supergroup these days would be a stretch – at points, I felt as if I was actually watching a tribute band – it was, at least, some strange pleasure to hear tracks like “Heat of the Moment,” “Only Time will Tell” and “Go” in all their decibel-ringing glory.

And while standing there, in the time warp of an Asia show at Pop’s, I realized how fun it will be to have a blog dedicated to local pop culture. Though there are some technical bugs to sift through, my pals Stefene Russell, Andrea Avery and I will be posting at a new blog site in a week, or so, with some publishing plans (as on paper) in the near future, as well. More details as they become available.

‘Til then, the 2,000-word Asia review that’s stuck in my head will simply have to exist there. So sad.

2 thoughts on “Asia

  1. A local culture blog could be great. I like the RFT and other local publications, but I rarely look at them because they seem so big and unfocused that they do not provide enough pointers to events I would enjoy.

  2. So many blogs are cynical about St. Louis. For some reason, there just seems to be a tendency to be negative. Maybe that’s just human nature?


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