Small exurban bars, anyone?

I’m late to the public-posting-of-story-needs subgenre. But here goes:

I’m looking for a really small, exurban bar in the metro area. I have the City bar, think I have the County and Eastside bars and only need the outlying place to have the piece in focus. Thoughts? Post below. Danke.

And thought I don’t usually do this, I’m pretty pleased with the review of Study Hall in yesterday’s “Get Out,” so much so that I’m in danger of pulling a muscle from all the back-patting.

2 thoughts on “Small exurban bars, anyone?

  1. Ah, yeah. I don’t have the official city planner’s definition, but exurbs would be the real outlying suburbs, which are both tied to the greater metropolitan area, and, yet, vaguely independent. In St. Louis, that might include places like Warrenton, Wright City, Pacific, Union, DeSoto, Wentzville, etc.

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