Movies that you will like

I’m always on the lookout for experiences to add to my life, things I that I don’t excel at, but can claim as part of my overall portfolio of unpaid eccentricities, curious side projects and occasionally accomplished daydreams. In recent times, “film actor” has wheedled its way onto this steadily growing list of absurd, non-resume pursuits, alongside cookbook packer, backyard fighter and club DJ. So, over the last couple years, I was cast (admittedly, by friends, they are so kind to me) in a couple, locally-produced feature films. Strangely, both will be screening around town over a three-day period, in about a month’s time.

On Saturday, July 30, “Hooch & Daddy-O” will be presented at the Pageant. This will be the second time the mockumentary has screened and technical fixes have made since the well-attended Tivoli debut. In this one, I’m Mike.

On Monday, August 1, “The Bunglers” will be shown at the Tivoli, part of a new series by Cinema St. Louis to highlight local feature productions. It’s spun around town at fun places like Frederick’s Music Lounge and the Venice Cafe. In this one, I’m Michael.

With the “comedy” genre now doubly satisfied, I look for “anime,” “western” and “foreign” film opportunities. And the chance to finally crack Dare to dream!

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  1. I used to be Mike and now I’m always Michael. These are fun roles, I’ll tell you.

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