Five for Friday: August 21

Hey, a Friday-themed posting written on Saturday. So slack.

1. Despite evidence being right there in the open, I’ve just figured out that Flickr user plasticfootball = Darren Snow.

2. Last night I spun records for 90-minutes, prior to the Dread Zeppelin show at the Duck Room, a place I’d never had the opportunity to enjoy in that way. If you see me and indicate even a remote interest in hearing about the gig, please know that you’ll get a half-hour version of it, okay?

3. Big thanks to Brian Marston for organizing this week’s Metrpolis Walk in The Ville. Nothing like North City pours, old-schol jukeboxes and truly inexplicable and amusing conversations about race. Loved it! Let’s roll it back out soon, even if no Metropolis members show up (again).

4. Word’s going around that the Majestic Theatre’s been accessed.

5. Thanks to people who’ve listened to the Silver Tray radio show in recent months and thanks, more, for the feedback. There’s been an interesting energy shift on the program lately and it’s due to getting some measure of response. May sound vain, that statement, but knowing that people listen is an incentive to produce a quality gig. In couple days, I’ll note the next five weeks’ musical guests. Rock.