Five for Friday 2: August 14

1. Obviously, there’s a bit of changeover occurring here at HQ and things will be in flux for the next week, or so, until the new design is implemented. I’d like to thank the person heading up this massive operation, but don’t know if he would want that. Anyway, I have a feeling that the artists responsible for the 1975 Topps series of baseball cards will find something that they like.

2. Before today, I hadn’t thought about Squeaky Fromme in some time.

3. You gotta plug your friends, esp. when another friend ask you to do so. With just that bit of intro, he’s an even that could deserve your attention: “I hate to again impose on you for you web audience [ed: please, everyone, impose at your wish], but I was wondering, if you’re looking for something to post about, if you could give an event at the Pulitzer a shout-out.  The event is A Marathon Metamorphoses, a 2-day reading of the Metamorphoses. A couple readers I know you’re acquainted with are Stefene Russell and Chris King. The blog for it is, and people can RSVP through our Facebook page,”

4. For those of you interested in: local rock history, KSHE-95, the bands Pavlov’s Dog and Mama’s Pride and really great haircuts from the ’70s, please consider keeping your evening open on Friday, November 20. Updates to follow here.

5. Heading to the track to bid adieu to Fairmount during this abbreviated season and, possibly, forever. Though chagrined at spending money at a place that has horses competing before becoming part of someone’s dinner (yeesh!), I also will miss this fun, little, quirky, crooked-ass corner of St. Louis’ past and present. After all, a fool and his money…

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