Five for Friday: August 28

1. Have I been writing these under the wrong date, with no one correcting me? Or has the new site caused some type of time shifting? I’m guessing the former Thanks, readers! All four of you are so kind, as to not point out the error of my ways. Corrected, yo.

2. Countdown ’til new Nick Hornby book: four days. Countdown ’til finishing new Nick Hornby book: five days.

3. In the spirit of consistent shilling, there’s a DJ spin by yours truly at The Royale tonight. There’s a bachelorette party potentially rolling through, in case that’s an extra inducement to come on out. And thanks to Mike Tomko for the offer to spin at the Metropolis Lot this weekend, which wasn’t an option due to travel. Think about stopping out to that event.

4. The ghost pepper plant has been yielding results in the past few days and even mentioning them at the bar of Mangia Italiano yesterday casued a ripple of conversation, up-and-down the bar. Brought a few back and various workers singed their taste buds. No restaurant offered the peppers, to date, have committed to making a dish with them. Will alert when someone finally falls for it. And since I’m handing out these wicked things, feel free to bum one. Thanks, Jason Bayer, for the instant conversation starter.

5. Thanks to hyper-prolific Facebook poster James Weber Jr., I’m now familiar with this video, which I’ll watch again and again.

One thought on “Five for Friday: August 28

  1. New Nick Hornby!!!
    Am currently re-reading all novels. Smack dab in the middle of Songbook…for the third time:)

    LOVE the flow of this new site T. Everything about it, (including your narrative) simply POPS!

    Cheers my friend.

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