Lucky enough, I am, to have two fun opportunities this weekend to spin some records live, after spending a chunk of Thursday on KDHX. As noted earlier this week, I’ll be playing local rock of the last 25 years on The Underworld, from 2-4 on Thanksgiving.

On Friday, I’ll be spinning at the Royale, from 10 – 1:30. It’s the nightclub weekend of the entire year, so this should be fun.

On Saturday, it’s the same venue, but something a little bit more… interesting. That night, I’ll take part in the second DJ Scramble, facing off with: Robert Griffin, the founder of both Scat Records and the band Prisonshake; Mark Early, a regular Royale/Upstairs DJ and an electronic musician under the guise Marko Meltdown; and Toby Hicks, another Royale regular, and an electronic promoter under the banner of Fly.

All of us are bringing about 25 records. We’ll rotate through the night, playing three songs apiece, with everyone playing from the crates of the other DJs.

The first time this went off, I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, sharing that little Royale DJ booth with Mark and Barbara Cliffe. Knowing some of the personalities and record collections involved in this second Scramble, I can only imagine that Saturday night will have a little bit of kick. I’m just pleased as can be to be on the inside looking out, as the sparks fly. Been looking forward to this for a good month, seriously!