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After seeing the first half of tonight’s Fragile Porcelain Mice show at The Playhouse at Westport Plaza, the blog reading and running across a namecheck this quickly, I decided to post up the playlist of today’s Underworld show. It was my second shot at filling in for Doug Morgan on Thanksgiving and was a nice opportunity to showcase some STL rock for two-hours. Even some interesting phone calls!

Hour one: Somerville-Scorfina Band, “Your Eyes,” KSHE Seeds, Vol. 2; Bill Boll, “36 Minors,” 20 Years of Musical Irony; Solarcane, “Less Ordinary,” Book of Alibis; The Incurables, “Lucky 7’s,” Songs for a Blackout; The Boorays, “Pickup Truck,” Faye Records 45; Corporate Humour, “Maximum Satisfaction,” unreleased; Treeweasels, “South Wind,” Head Cheese & Blood Sausage; E.J. Quit, “It’ll be Alright,” unreleased; Stranded Lads, “Beat Society,” Resevoir I & II; The Bishops, “Coming in Color,” The Bishops; Three Merry Widows, “Which Dreamed It?,” Which Dreamed It; The Painkillers, “The Oracle,” The Painkillers; The Urge, “Know What They Say,” Bust Me Dat Forty; The Eyes, “The Closet,” Freedom in a Cage; The Unconsicous, “Captain Blye,” live at the Pageant, 12/23/00.

Hour two: Judge Nothing, “I’m Aware of You,” A Cheese Sampler (committed to a wonderful CD compilation via Jim Utz); Fragile Porcelain Mice, “Concept of Grief,” Amigo de Fuego; Sinister Dane, “48 Months,” Sinister Dane; Small Ball Paul, “Like Swallows,” You in Flames; Uncle Tupelo, “Gun,” Still Feel Gone; Phonocaptors, “Devil,” Call it What You Want; Finn’s Motel, “Alright Tonight,” Escape Velocity; Ded Bugs, “Slugs are in My House,” We Ended Up Having to Eat Each Other; Nov. 9th, “Woolworth Ring,” Waiting Like Witch Doctors; Bunnygrunt, “River Song,” Standing Hampton 45; Julia Sets, “Disco Flowers,” Yes-Wave; Sullen, “War Forges On,” Paint the Moon; The Nukes, “464,” Why Things Burn.

I need to fill some gaps in my collection, with a visit to a friend’s scheduled to exhume an old chunk of CD treasure. Also, I need to find a way to spin this stuff more often. Didn’t touch several pieces today, inc. Ultraman, Great Crusades, The Movement, on-and-on.

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  1. Wow even though I only found this post today, in 2009, those bands really take me back in time to my college years and a few thereafter at Monsanto between the mid 80s and the early 90s. I knew some of the guys in the Bishops, The Urge played some dorm parties, and Uncle Tupeleo was a KWUR favorite and they did some shows for us. . .

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