It’s the start of a new semester, a stripped-down one that sees me teaching two sections of Intro to Media Writing and… that’s it. After many years of working a full allotment of three classes a term, the switch feels good, liberating, relaxing. I plan to do some good teachin’, you know?

I also plan on reaching out to more students as the years go by. It’s not as if I didn’t know that former students are possessing good jobs, good careers; hell, my first students are pushing 35. But I hadn’t had the opportunity to reach out for work from one of them. And that’s still true, for the most part.

Last week, though, I took advantage of Gabe Bullard’s interest in the graffiti tagger Brr(r). Gabe’s based in Louisville, working for the public radio station there, WFPL. Brr(r)’s also based in Louisville, in the job of gettin’ up. I approached Gabe about a St. Louis perspective piece on Brr(r), as he hit local walls last summer. He accepted the offer. I wrote it up. And now it’s published.

My attempts to control the graffiti coverage of the Midwest takes another tentative step forward with this.