Operation Reggae: DOA; Operation Photography, Underway

The 2011 concept of learning everything possible about reggae was a qualified failure. Please don’t laugh.

Watched the key movies. Read some books. Listened to the shows on KDHX. (Featured Ital-K on an audio feature. And wrote about Professor Skank for an upcoming print feature.) Took in about 5% more reggae than in a normal year. That is “measured” additional knowledge, no?

So, with that as an immediate framing agent, I’m off on the new pursuit: getting my photography chops up from a D to a C, in the spin of 12-months. For the short term, film recommendations are sought. With the semester not quite in full-swing, there’s still a bit of time. Kick any docs that I need to see. Have a few in the ol’ Netflix queue, but addition ideas are welcomed. Thanks.

Update: though videography and still photography are distinct beasts (I get this, as I also understand the difference between “film” and “video” and, yet, will still mix in the terms in daily conversations), this movie is a treasure. Freaking brilliant and free on YouTube: