Second Set @

Greetings. If only to break the silence here, some notes about a new project.

Second Set will run Thursdays at the site. Here’s the explanatory text that accompanies the series:

For the past two-decades-and-change, Thomas Crone has covered alternative music and culture in St. Louis for such publications as the St. Louis Beacon, Riverfront Times, Post-Dispatch and St. Louis magazine, along with a host of smaller, deceased titles like Jet Lag, 15 Minutes and his own zines Silver Tray and 52nd City.

He’s co-produced the music documentaries “Old Dog, New Trick” and “The Pride of St. Louis,” along with several shorts. He’s currently pre-producing the web series “Half Order Fried Rice,” while teaching media writing at Webster University.

This series will highlight the known and unknown stories of St. Louis musicians, deejays, promoters and gadflies. Each week’s edition will showcase artists, albums and songs that collectively make up a fascinating Midwestern musical culture, one filled with both major successes and vexing could-have-beens. Combining personal recollections with interviews of the principals, these article will put into context the people, recordings and venues that have informed St. Louis’ recent rock’n’roll and pop music.

At the end of 2012, the pieces will be collected, along with new essays and Q-and-As, into a book, produced by the Beacon.

Here’s a link to today’s piece, dedicated to the old Pablo’s. And one to the debut, about Bill Boll’s “36 Minors.”