Miracle Soup

To this point in life, I’ve not taken part in the procreation of another human being. But, today, I feel something akin to what that blessed, first day must be like.

Inspired by Joe Thebeau’s simple Facebook status update (“i’m thinking thai soup might be the answer”), I’ve just now completed my greatest experiment of 2010. Armed with only onions, turnips, snow peas, garlic, a tin of tomato paste, honey and a host of herbs, spices and love, I’ve created something that can only be described as Miracle Soup.

To what do I credit this moment? A heightened sense of goforit’veness? Joe’s typing fingers? Curry powder? Can’t really be sure.

But I can be sure that I’ve never felt more closely-knit to my friends who are parents. We share something deeper now. The next time you start in on a story about Little Johnny or Jill, I plan on sharing My Own Story.

Gosh, things really are different now.

2 thoughts on “Miracle Soup

  1. you are fucking hilarious. I can’t wait to swap tales! Especially about the first time your soup pooped in the bathtub.

  2. When we tell a kid story, we are usually prepared to receive a cat or dog story in return. But soup? That’s a new one.

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