Major Programmatic Announcement

An important programming message from, well, me: On Monday, January 4, 2010, Thomas Crone will unveil, through this site and a series of personal annoyances, a handful of major endeavors for the coming New Year, with the first edition of this rush of activity going live on Monday, January 11. These moves will likely make Thomas Crone come off as:

* A real dope, or
* A particularly clever fellow

‘Til then, a secular Happy New Year to you and yours.


Update: to the six of you reading this, we’ll roll it out tomorrow at noon. Bugs in the system. Thanks.

One thought on “Major Programmatic Announcement

  1. I am already super-excited about the new endeavors!!! I want to know, at the highest investment level, if the child you’ll name after me is guaranteed to be your biological offspring, or are you just going to find a nameless kid somewhere?? 🙂

    this is awesome. good night and good luck.

    Amanda, your soon-to-be partial owner

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