Halo & Heart

One of my many jobs is serving as the quick-call-fill-in-deejay at the Halo Bar, which happens to be one of my favorite jobs, as well. This very Thursday night, I’ll be there ’til the witching hour of 3 a.m. After enjoying several Sunday night slots recently, always with the Pageant dark, this gig will follow an actual show at the main room, by Ghostland Observatory.

Now this got me thinking about the fact that my ears and eyes have suddenly started growing shut, as I’m fairly certain that I’ve never heard the music of Ghostland Observatory before yesterday, and have only the dimmest memory of ever reading the duo’s name. YIKES. This is happening on a far-too-frequent basis of late, but I’ll just deal, while playing and enjoying music suitable to my generation. Yes. Dignity will be applied. Always.

Speaking of dignity (being damned), I can fully blame Marla Hare Griffin of the Royale staff, for causing me to play mid-’80s, comeback-era Heart on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Thanks to YouTube, I’ve been reliving my teens, spent in miniscule, low-lit TV lounge of Loretto Hall, crushing on Nancy Wilson during the hyper-frequent playings of MTV hits like “These Things,” “Never” and “What About Love.”

Have to say, the one that’s sticking for me is “Alone.” Hadn’t thought of the cut in years, but now I’m aware of the Seattle acoustic show, the Carrie Underwood version, the Carrie Underwood-with-Ann Wilson rendition from American Idol, etc., etc., and so on. Thanks, YouTube users! Let’s fire up the time machine with the original today.

‘Cause I need more nostalgia in my life.

(Edit: Okay, after eight attempts to embed the actual video, it ain’t gonna happen. The link, then.)