March’s 13

Zine blog, Duplex Planet: Way back in the 1990s, some of my favorite days were those when a package of zines arrived in the mail, sometimes with hand-written notes or personal ephemera from the publishers and editors. One of favorites of that era, Duplex Planet, arrived at my house in just such a way once, with some jotted words from David Greenberger, who was on my list of zine heroes. He is still, I suppose, as his zine’s allowed him access to something very rare: a real career, born purely from the zine. This essay on his Duplex Planet blog does a fine job of introducing you to his work, which is funny, poignant, even important.

YouTube video(s), “Star Trek“: Did you realize that the entire run of original “Star Trek” episodes is now available on YouTube. With, may I add?, limited commercial interruptions. I’m tempted, truly, to watch a show, or two, this weekend. In the mood for a laugh.

Bootlegs, Pavlov’s Dog: Went to the Record Show on Sunday, no particular piece of news, but I only bought one item. Namely, a bootleg DVD of three 1983 shows by Carver, Scorfina and Friends, or, a version of the splintered Pavlov’s Dog. Now, for many, this may not seem like a huge find, but as I’ve met and talked to many of the band members over the past two years, it was like finding a needle in a haystack; had never even heard them talk about this boot. If nothing else, it’s also got a wicked time capsule feel to it. Think about rock’n’roll fans in St. Louis in 1983. Picture them? Yeah, they look just like that!

Trend I, Facebook fatigue vs. Faceook need: For my mass comm class, there’s been no shortage of material to discuss on social networking, with almost every media outlet chiming in on Facebook fatigue, Facebook need or variants thereof. It’s a veritable cottage industry right now.

Trend II, voter apathy: Every time there’s an election that fires up the various bases, there’s certain to be another election just down the pike that reminds you that people really just can’t be bothered to spend 10-minutes in the encouragement of democracy. This past Tuesday, a whopping 14.3 of eligible City voters cast a ballot. One-in-seven eligible voters? Really? How ’bout that Obama Effect, eh? As a naturalized Amurrican, who came to this country on a boat, this really grates. (Admittedly, it was a really nice boat. But, still.)

Readings I, digital overloading: Have you caught yourself recently/simultaneously: watching a film from Netflix, texting on a recharging phone, ripping CDs into your laptop, all of them done somewhat absent-mindedly? Yeah, me too.

Readings II, graffiti: Thanks to a pal, for sending along a reading on sociologists studying urban graf. It’s an entertaining read, via the New York Times.

Foodstuff, Builder’s Bars: I’m a handy guy, as anyone who knows me could confirm. Why, just recently, I hung a small painting, using a hammer and nail! Upon completion of this task, I enjoyed a delicious Builder’s Bar. With this power-packed snack and some lengthy rest, I recovered from my chore, feeling even better than before.

Venue, City Art Supply: I’m really jazzed by the fact that another music venue I can walk to has come into existence. The feisty City Art Supply, run by pal Dana Smith, is booking an eclectic array of musicians now, including .e this Saturday, March 7 and Gringo Star on Sunday, March 22. Even if there’s not a live event, may I recommend a trip by this fine example of independent retail in the City of St. Louis?

Baseball player, Brian Barton: Truth be told, I lost interest in baseball at exactly the same time that the St. Louis Cardinals magazine stopped using me as a freelancer. By that point, my childhood love of the American pastime had really been all-but-sapped already, but meeting Major League players is the last thing you ever want to do if you enjoy the game. What a group of jackasses; no lie. Have to say I’ve found Brian Barton, the fringe Cardinals outfielder, to be cut from a different cloth. He’s studied rocket science, he’s got a great head of dreads and he just seems to march to the beat of a slightly different drummer. He might drive a Corvette, but he seems an otherwise cool cat, as evidenced by an interview in today’s

Christian radio, KXEN 1010: Why would anyone set their alarm clock to a station they enjoy listening to? It’s a recipe for keeping that eight-hour nap going, man. For me, there’s not better way to get hopping in the a.m. hours that to set the alarm to KXEN. The station’s got a mix of different voices in the morning, but all of them are looking for something: a little bit of cash for their church, a prayer from you (the listener) against abortion, homosexuals or the liberal media. Sometimes, there’s some financial planning mixed into the recipe, or some tongues being spoken. But the effect’s always the same. After a minute, or two, of some honey-voiced hypocrite quoting Corinthians and trying to get me to tithe, I am hitting that clock and on the way to a better day.

Freelancing, the Beacon: Ah, I’m back in the good graces of the Beacon and I couldn’t be happier. One piece up now and another coming this week. Thaaaaank goodness.

Video, “Hitten,” Those Dancing Days: Went into diabetic shock for the duration of the video, but it was worth it. I think.

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  1. About a year ago a concert DVD flew my way with the instruction to rip the video and prepare it for web streaming. (Per the request of the artist)

    I’m not sure if my efforts were ever utilized but the results are still sitting on my hard drive and in taking another look (surprise!) it is indeed the Carver, Scorfina and Friends show you speak of.

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