Lo! Blogs!

As it’s already deep into the new month, there are certainly dozens of readers breathlessly anticipating the appearance of March’s 13, America’s first choice for Thomas Crone-endorsed things and thangs. Those folks will have to wait until Wednesday, or so, when spring break officially kicks in, save for the showing of a film on Thursday. ‘Til then, this elf slaves away in the toy factory with no (okay, little) chance to blog.

Since this blog is about pimping other blogging, let’s get to the meta…

Set up a blog for Mangia Italiano. That’s a bar and restaurant. On Grand. Maybe you know it.

Set up a blog for Natural Life Therapy Clinic, where I get pins stuck in me. Some of the content goes a bit above my head, even, but I’m happy to provide the service.

There’s some new stuff over at 52nd City.

Oh, yeah, soccer season is on.

This blog and 52nd City have also been added to the blogroll of a new blog, St. Louis Design Community Connections. We appreciate the links and wish that endeavor well, while encouraging folks in the design field to peek at that one presently.

My close associate Franklin Jennings, St. Louis’ favorite cyber imp, is also blogging now, on the topic of urban exploration in St. Louis. He’s already posted a half-dozen times.

This elf needs a class in monetizing all those fabulous, synergistic project ideas. Or, at least, one or two of them. Back to the workshop…