To keep you up-to-date with the latest, day-to-day disappointments in life – the key, central element to any blog, I think – here are the recent developments.

A possible interview today with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips – tied to the band’s motion picture, “Christmas on Mars” playing at the Webster U. Film Series this weekend – is not going to happen. For next week’s Silver Tray, it may. But the fact that I’ve typed this almost ensures it not happening.

And my slot DJ-ing after the Pale Divine/Nukes show at the Halo Bar has been scotched, with a live band gigging in the Halo, instead. I’ll still be at show, so I’ll see all you old heads there.

Update: To keep a running rally on the day’s wrinkles, I confess that I left the majority of my Silver Tray set at home this morning, in a neat, tidy stack. Though I live minutes from the station, my 11:52 a.m. arrival there precluded a trip home. Thankfully, there are thousands of CDs to choose from at KDHX, a point no doubt mentioned a time (or a hundred) during pledge drive. Next tiny disaster is on the way, I feel it.

3 thoughts on “Schadenfreude

  1. Another wizened one guessed Blank Space or Filet of Funk. I’m curious, myself.

    James, remember: I can see you through the fog. But I can never know you, until I know myself.

  2. Not much communication among the Filet of Funkers about anything – Dave and I are still in touch though

    – Paul D. formerly of Filet of Funk

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