December’s 13

A quick note in relation to the delay of this particular edition, a situation undoubtedly noted by no more (or less) than a half-dozen people. Right. So. After some time apart, I recently became reacquainted with my work ethic, which had been displaced for a series of some months. With this reunion, I was reminded that typing for money is a life’s priority and, thus, the week’s gap in this posting. With my work ethic found, I am now only on the hunt for my iPod (missing about a month) and my good sense with money (missing since birth). All this aside, onto the 13…

Radio show, International Pop Overthrow: While typing this, I’m listening to a “Murmur” special on I.P.O., based on the stone-cold-classic REM album turning 25 this year. It’s a show of such quality, that I’m stuck hovering near my desktop, the only reliable music player in the house these days. Though most shows aren’t as hyper-specialized as this excellent edition, I’m consistently impressed with the depth and breadth of host Annie Z‘s knowledge, which shouldn’t be in question, anyway, as she’s got the best job in town: RFT Music Editor. But this episode, wow. Okay, enough of my programming crush on this show. (WHOA: I’m reading a pre-recorded PSA on-air right now. Mega-meta!)

Footballer, Veded Ibisevic: The legend-in-the-making attended and played for Roosevelt High School. How great is that? I want cable and Gol TV!

Views, back porch of the home of Ann Haubrich and Art Dwyer: What a crib! What a vista! Fantastique!

Proper use of the information superhighway, Wikipedia: The Wikipedia website is very popular, especially this time of year, as students around the country desperately seek to finish term papers and semester projects. It’s also a fine site to reference when you’ve imagined – for, oh, a decade, or more – that there was a cereal called Fruity Wolf. There was not. But there was Fruit Brute. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Store, City Art Supply: Got a chance to finally ramble through this Cherokee emporium over the weekend, with Jeremy and Dana hosting an open house and the print work of Dan Zettwoch. What a great little shop. And as cool as the old Art Parts storefront was as an occasional, underground venue, it’s nicer to see the place with lights on and a total sense of purpose.

Book, “Outliers”: Ah, Malcolm. Thank you. Enjoy this interview. Or this one.

Social network site, Facebook: Though I’ve never put a single thing on the site, I’m sitting pretty at 273 friends. Of which, I’m on speaking terms with, oh, 73 of those good folks, a reasonable percentage. Complete, stalker-only antipathy = my current sociology experiment, in lieu of an ant farm.

Billiken, Osaka: On my list of St. Louis obsessions, the Billiken ranks a solid eighth, with a wintry bullet. We need one of these in Midtown. With all the junk art on the SLU campus, there’s gotta be room for the Osaka Billiken on the Frost Campus. Impressive!

Spin, Halo, Monday, December 29: Yo! I get to close the night in the Halo Bar, on the evening that Pale Divine plays a reunion show at The Pageant, with support from the Nukes. Already doing the mental inventory for the crate: Sisters of Mercy, check; Love and Rockets, check; RevCo, where’d it go? This should be something like fun.

Snack, peanuts and goji berries: Trust me, delicious. Just mix ’em up.

Number 11, open: Don’t got an 11 this month. What you know?

Pizza, The Wedge: Broke down, ate two slices and enjoyed the experience. Life’s too short to boycott good pizza.

YouTube video, “BOO BERRY MOVIE: The Petition for BOO BERRY”: Not sure, but this Ken Siwek mash-up could be genius.

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  1. unrelated, but there’s a certain abandoned building on the riverfront that has a pallet of unfolded The Real Ghostbusters cereal boxes.

  2. I made Annie let me use her house for a baby shower, and even the normally effervescent Clownvis Presley was momentarily struck dumb by the view. Then, he couldn’t stop talking about it.

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