After a couple false starts, I just finished up Jonathan Yang’s breezy-and-informative “The Rough Guide to Blogging.” Lots of useful tips in there.

I’d like to test a theory of blogging usefulness, not from the book, per se, but inspired by today’s reading.

Between moving, the start of summer class and some other odds’n’ends (plus, it’s so hot!), I have: fallen behind on some correspondence; become extremely overdue for a trip to the post office; and need to complete some grading. Plus the interviews for stories… that need to be written… oy. Strangely, this could all be accomplished in a fairly compact period of time, but I need some external motivation.

If any willing folks reading this could simply drop me a line with the subject header: FINISH WORK by, say, 3 p.m. CST on Tuesday, July 8, I’d really appreciate it. For those sending notes, I will not share your name, or sell your info to discount mortgage houses. Thanks.

(Update: thanks for the motivating notes. I now have a video shoot at WU at 1 p.m., which makes the above time somewhat untenable. Let’s say, 5 p.m. CST. I will say that I’ve enjoyed a couple of weisenheimer cracks already sent in, as well as the motivating note sent about 10-minutes after posting. Gotta love the web.)