July’s 13

Reunion show, Treeweasels: Wouldn’t miss this for the world. Where: Off Broadway. When: Saturday, July 19. Who: Treeweasels with Magnolia Summer and the Half-Knots. Why: “Original members EJ Fitch (vocals, gtr), Scott Roever (gtr, vocals), and Danny Kathriner (drums) are joined by Joe Thebeau (bass) to present a set of the classic Treeweasels favorites from way back when.” Thanks for the reminder, Joe.

Seafood, squid: Okay, who likes this stuff? Me, no. Have I mentioned that Wei Hong is now online?

Game show, “Cash Cab”: Ran across this little gem while awaiting “The Deadliest Catch.” (Have I mentioned killing cable in July?) The host of this trivia show is Ben Bailey, who seems like a totally, legitimately cool guy. In fact, I would like to be his friend, if anyone reading this has a line to him. We could, like, hang out.

TV II, Euro 2008: I’m glad, as a soccer fan, that every match of Euro 2008 was available via the ESPN family of networks. And, yet, I have to feel as if I lost some time during June. Time that could’ve been spent burning candles and sage for a Germany victory. Sigh. All that time invested. For second place. Mmm. Rrr.

Task, moving: Remind me not to go this route again soon. Those legitimately needing my new digits, just lemme know.

Film, UE: There’s a film out there on urban exploration. It hasn’t played St. Louis. But I’m aware that Mike Steinberg is looking into booking it for the Webster University Film Series. Happy days those would be, indeed! Read up: Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness.

Record, B.J. Ward, “Vocal Ease“: Found this assumed gem at Waxidermy, in an item that includes a clip of the title track. Would spend a couple bucks on this, were an actual vinyl copy to come into my orbit. Have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up?

Out, Belz: Win some, lose some.

Online, books: Great piece on the changing nature of book publishing, book buying, book consumption. From “On the Media.” Every class I have at Webster will hear this one.

Candy bar, Payday Chocolatey Avalanche: Damn, what a delicious sweet treat.

Outsider artist, Skeleton Krewe: A few months back, I jotted down some fan notes of the photos of Skeleton Krewe, a New Orleans flickr photographer, who seems to capture that town as well as anyone could. Noticed, today, that he’s also a painter, in a distinctly outsider art style. Digging these works. Need to save some pennies.

Album, Japancakes, “Loveless”: The note-by-note recreation of the MBV classic. You need this album, really.

Bicycle, Raleigh One Way: It appears that someone’s borrowed my bike and hasn’t returned it. Yeah, I know, “share and share alike.” And, yet, for my next bike, I’d like to keep it all for myself. No unannounced borrowing. A smart person in such matters suggested the one-speed Raleigh One Way as that next bike. Plenty of other bloggers give it up for this ride. So, maybe. Have I mentioned someone stole my bike?