Pics on Friday

If you’re at loose ends on Friday afternoon at noon, stop by the corner of 6th & Washington, Downtown, to take some photos of St. Louis Centre. There’s more at Hope to see you there, shutterbugs.

Update: okay, Tom and I shot some pics and a couple of interested bystanders/P-D workers dropped by to chat. Though we didn’t shoot anything inside – choosing to not stir the otherwise complacent Centre security staff – we did stroll through the Centre, at lunch hour. The weirdest thing about the experience was the extreme lack of sound. With no Muzak to “fill” the space, there was about a sense of hearing individual conversations, laughs, coughs. And in the case of one wheezing escalator, a steady creak. It’s cliche to say, but if you’ve not been there in a bit, the complete lack of action will surprise you.

There are a couple more shots over at my flickr page, accessible at right.