52nd City debut “show” and release

As posted over on 52nd City:

Contrary to anything you may’ve read, the LAST public event at Gallery Urbis Orbis will be the 52nd City “release” party at the soon-to-be-shuttering Downtown space, on Friday, Dec. 30, from 7-9 p.m., with a $5 cover. Catering by Hartford Coffee Company, with light refreshments served. Funds will help several publishing projects in 2006.

We’ve got a few things on tap for the evening, including:

Live improvisational music by Eric Hall and Jason Hutto.

Experimental video in Van McElwee’s “Heliogos.”

Accompanied poetry and jazz by Stefene Russell and Dave Stone.

A first look at 52nd City’s e-magazine.

Hope to see you there.