Larry Matysik on the radio

Got a chance to co-interview Larry Matysik tonight, discussing his days as a principal in the “Wrestling at the Chase” operation, both as a booker and TV announcer. His book, simply called “Wrestling at the Chase,” is a fun, quick read, though it’s quite well-done by Matysik, who has training as a journalist and knows how to spin a tale.

Anyway, if the show meant anything to you growing up, catch the streaming audio version at

(Note: there’s an unedited, 60-hour version of the old shows that Matysik is offering to superfans. I have a bad feeling I know someone who’s about to invest in this.)

One thought on “Larry Matysik on the radio

  1. Larry’s wife was a high school teacher of mine. She shared a few wrestling celeb’ stories with us on the rare occassions that we had time to kill in class.

    Ah… Those were good times–hearing about the Von Erics, Andre, Brody, et al.

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