Boys Club

There’s been a stange bit of feedback in the field recently, with folks asking for regular updates on the status of Cabrini Academy’s sixth grade soccer team, the self-styled Ninjas. Yesterday, the squad found a place in the W column, with a 4-3 victory over the Boys Club, at their Soulard pitch. The field is a strange one, for sure, a looooong rectangle, approximately the length of a city block and the depth of a shoebox. Factor in, too, the dirt baseball infield and raised pitcher’s mound as extra impediments to smooth play. On the plus side: an actual, lit scoreboard; and a PA system, replete with a horn sounding off each goal. And yesterday, there were many of those. Despite dipping into a 2-0 deficit, the squad scored four unanswered goals, before a late tally from the BCs. The record’s now 2-4 overall, 0-3 league. A rematch with the Boys Club looms Tuesday, not long after tomorrow morning’s league game, against a team I can’t recall at an hour I can’t quite place, though it’s early. Too early.

All this stated, “yes,” I realize that my players are not thinking about soccer right now, but I am.

(Hammer time! So, OLS beat an undermanned Cabrini 6-0. And the Boys Club match is postponed, one week from tomorrow. Hooligans, don’t show up until next Tuesday.)