Introducing Eat Sandwiches

Kinda crazy for me to think about, but I’m the co-owner of a sandwich shop.

Chef Byron Smith will handle the kitchen. Which, interestingly enough, he built, by hand, from scratch.

Jeff McGraw will handle the books. As a pretty fair cook, himself, he’ll add onto Byron’s menu ideas.

And Fred Hessel owns the building, a sharp little storefront at 3148 Morganford, in the heart of that district’s growing food-and-beverage scene. (Together, Fred and I co-own the Tick Tock Tavern, along with Steven Smith.)

Our opening date’s a floating one, though located somewhere around the middle of October.

The Eat Sandwiches FB page is live and will have the deets as they become available. Just as our name is imperative, it’s imperative that you “like” us there immediately. And, there, folks, you see my role in the operation.