Silver Tray Hiatus, Plus…

Just a little summary post on some projects.

What’s live is: This is a summer project, only, in all likelihood. Working with some Webster U. students to create short documentaries on South Side culture, I thought I’d give those the framework of a blog. As these things go, I decided to add some additional content, too. So, there are 14 posts up now, with half of them dedicated to our visits to local institutions, the other half to South City odds/ends. The videos will be airing soon, as Tyler DePerro, is able to complete them. Ideally, by the end of summer, I’ll have a project with a certain look/feel, one that can be adapted into other web projects. Feel free to check in and give some feedback.

What’s likely dead is: Each of the last two years, I’ve thought that it’d be fun to chronicle the Fairmount Park experience, through visits to the place, itself, along with the roadside curiosities along the way. Each year, too, I’ve thought that you can only have so many non-paying projects in circulation. This one seems destined for the chopping block. With my betting pedigree, it’s also cheaper to not spend too much time at the rail.

In terms of a temporary pause, this summer I’ll be taking a break from the KDHX show Silver Tray. My understanding is that Spencer Musselman, who has often shared a microphone with Art Dwyer of “Blues in the Night,” will be hosting during June and July. That means a funkier, more soulful presentation than the Tray. Also, I’m lead to believe that we’ll rotate back to the the current status sometime in August. The rationale for my brief departure is pretty straightforward: the Friday, mid-day slot is an excellent one. Prime-time, in some respects. But with my working on Thursday nights, I tend to: sleep in, host the show, have lunch with my associates Jenn and Steve, only to realize that it’s somehow 3:30 (or later). This summer, I hope to work on three writing projects, each with a reasonable time commitment involved, so freeing up a weekday is somewhat necessary. (The number’s four when I include The South Side blog.) I also wouldn’t mind finding time to make some cash and, realistically, I need to get my fitness in check. All of this says that something’s gotta go by the wayside, if only for a bit. I thank the station for the break and look forward to running an energized show, come late-summer. The last version of Silver Tray, for now, airs in one hour.

By the by, since you’ve made it this far, tell me: do you have any good O’Connell’s Pub stories? Know someone that worked there for a minute? Did you have a good first date at the Pub? Bought a cool piece of furniture from J. Parker Antiques? Remember the Gaslight venue of O’Connell’s? If so, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Silver Tray Hiatus, Plus…

  1. Read a couple of CS Forester books there over a summer. Would go on quiet week days. Sat in hard back booth with dim light, drank Old Peculiar, and read Horatio Hornblower. Old prints of pugilists, tobaccania and old maps made it the perfect Napoleonic Wars reading room.

  2. Was so bummed to hear that you’re on hiatus from the Silver Tray, but good luck with everything! Also, you need to start tweeting and follow me on Twitter like you said you would. 🙂

    –Don P.’s girlfriend

  3. Bonnie, send me your Twitter handle? Is that the right term?

    Thom, let’s get together and read some books.

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