Temp Crib

As evidenced by the complete lack of content here – and the most-recent posts being dedicated to things not done – it’s possible that this site’s namesake is temporary stalled, in terms of creative output and inspiration. And as much as I love the hometown and much as I hate (and let me emphasize the word HATE) travel, it’s time to actually find myself in a place that’s not my own. So, to the wisdom of the crowd goes a request.

With one project majorly overdue for completion, I’d like to find a place to write. For parts of four days, specifically: Monday, October 18 – Thursday, October 21. This place needs to be within driving distance of St. Louis. (Can’t fly. Blood clots. Such is life.) And this place needs to be cheap. Expectations would be appropriately minimal. Just a place to lay my oversized melon. With some running water. And a cook-top would be nice. Even WiFi’s not essential, as paper-and-pen could do the trick.

If you’ve got a shack in the woods, please tell of it. If aware of a Children of the Corn-meets-Barton Fink roadside hotel ‘tween here and Ames, I’m all ears. On the other extreme, if your kid or cousin is a hotel manager with-hook-ups at a swank facility in Milwaukee (or Nashville, Detroit, Kansas City, Chicago, Madison, Little Rock, Memphis, Indy or Des Moines), your family is of great interest to me.

In exchange, I’ll write you a part in a web series. Or two. Deal?

One thought on “Temp Crib

  1. Wish we still had the farm, it would have been the ideal place. Unfortunately, we sold it in 2006 (the folks just couldn’t get up there much, and maintenance costs were starting to mount. Where’d you wind up holing up?

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